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1. Snapshot 5/10/2007
2. Harbinger 6/2/2007
3. Fight As I Die 6/7/2007
4. Bees 5/10/2007
5. Vivat In Pace 3/1/2016
6. Here's To The Dads 3/1/2016
7. To Livy 3/1/2016
8. To Ellie 3/1/2016
9. My Soul Hurts 3/1/2016
10. Epitaph 5/10/2007
11. The Night Of The Soul 5/10/2007
12. Truths 5/10/2007
13. Existence Part 1: Advice To A Murderer 5/10/2007
14. Existence Part 2: Schizophrenia 5/10/2007
15. In Pursuit Of The Sonnet 5/10/2007
16. My Heroin*e 5/10/2007

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In Pursuit Of The Sonnet

I cannot write a sonnet; it's too hard
To put such barriers around my brain
And thus I find my efforts often marred
Although I rephrase again and again
I cannot write a sonnet though I try
Through day and night, through winter, into spring
And even though I have no reason why
A ten-syllable line my thoughts won't bring.
But now I wonder just what is so great
About this 'iambic pentameter'?
And am almost resigned that it's my fate
That from the sonnet form I should defer
Yet, having spent so long in search of one
T'would be a shame if it should not be ...

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The Night Of The Soul

Dark outside, dark inside,
Got to wonder 'have I died? '
Can't sleep, can't think,
Can't rationalise a thing,
Remember a time when peace was King,
Creativity sucked away,
Replaced by emptiness, well hey
You know I've seen this time before
And I can just keep off the floor