Ramesh T A Scarcity Poems

The Irony Of Water Scarcity In Surplus On The Earth!

Don't spend money like water, they say in the past;
Now, we have to spend money even for water sure;
Water is everywhere in the sea, rivers and lakes;
Yet, pure drinking water is scarce due to pollution!

Government Drawbacks Result In Scarcity In Surplus!

The unprecedented heaviest rains recently drained by over- flowing
Lakes and rivers only to the seas and oceans of the world in waste;
Due to lack of dredging of lakes and rivers, only weeds and sediments
Have settled therein sans saving rain waters but allowing to overflow only!

Scarcity Of Water Despite Surplus Of Water!

Droughts and floods have come into vogue due to climate change
Caused by pollution and occupation of defunct spring lakes by
Official buildings making sudden downfall of heaviest rains to
Go through available passages inside towns and cities now...!

Scarcity Of Peace Diplomats Increase Demand For Poets!

How to bring two opposing persons to table for dialogue
And settle their problems is a big matter to handle ever;
This happens between developed and backward persons sure
Needing delicate tactics to deal it for a good settlement!

How To Overcome Scarcity?

Rain clouds everywhere in the Sky give a pleasant look to the ever hot city!
What a blessing in guise, it seems, to witness such a change in the fast metropolitan city!
Monsoon rain only can save all from drought and change the climate for the better;
Dependence on ground water alone cannot fulfil all our needs ever sans natural rain!

A Scarcity In Surplus!

Seeing hottest days, it looks as a great contrast to see heaviest rains
Coming every night due to SW Monsoon effect and also depression
Slowly forming in the sea before blowing as storm over the shores!

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