Bernard F. Asuncion School Poems

At The School Campus

J-ust let the woes wane,
A-fter the Saturday night;
N-ew dawn has broken,
E-rasing the twilight.

School Adviser

C-herish the school adviser,
H-omework she gives is valued;
E-very student heeds her counsel,
R-egarding her as very good.

Professor Of The School

M-arch third early Friday
E-rases the Thursday night;
L-ight above the horizon
E-liminates the twilight.

School For Ministers Assignment

D-ay second of February
A-ims to brighten the day;
N-ew dawn has broken, as the twilight fades away.

Setting The School Aright

D-ay twelfth of May
A-ims to greet the school president;
R-ise of the sun begins,
W-ind is both calm and silent.

At The School Classroom

J-anuary twenty-fourth morn
O-pens the day with a fresh start;
V-iew in the bright sky warms
Y-our soul and your heart.

The President Of The School For Ministers

B-eautiful beacon Tuesday
E-rases the chill of night;
N-ew dawn has broken,
E-liminating the twilight.

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