Scott Forster

Rookie (20/02/1990 / Edinburgh, Scotland)

Scott Forster Poems

1. If You Were The Last Woman 9/19/2009
2. Everything’s In Motion 9/19/2009
3. Used To Be, A Story Of Loss 9/19/2009
4. My Hopes For A New Born Child 9/19/2009
5. Dare To Know. 9/19/2009
6. Rebel Girl 9/21/2009
7. Dark Days 9/21/2009
8. I Hate Boredom 9/26/2009
9. The Universal Embrace 12/5/2009
10. Time Grows Weary Under My Feet. 12/30/2009
11. The Eagle 1/2/2010
12. Ode To Liberty. 1/2/2010
13. You Took Me Here. 1/30/2010
14. Man In Decline. 4/3/2010
15. This Is Your Democracy. 10/18/2010
16. One Dimensional 11/7/2010
17. War Of Some Against Rest 11/7/2010
18. Gaia 12/11/2010
19. Reflections 12/12/2010
20. Never Born Stillborn Tomorrow 6/28/2011
21. Victorian Design 6/28/2011
22. I Searched For A Peace 6/28/2011
23. This Is All Rehearsal, Baby 6/28/2011
24. You Know Who You Are 6/28/2011
25. Like A Veil Of Tears 6/28/2011
26. You Type Those Words So Methodical 6/28/2011
27. Saturday 6/28/2011
28. Impasse Highway 6/28/2011
29. A Single Bloom In The Desert 6/28/2011
30. The Little Sad Things 6/28/2011
31. I Won The Popularity Contest 6/28/2011
32. Molest My Ego. 1/14/2012
33. Scatter The Idols. 1/14/2012
34. Confusion Reigns Supreme. 1/14/2012
35. I Could'Ve Been. 4/3/2010
36. Misery Loves Company (And It Found It) 5/29/2010
37. Chorus For All Seasons. 7/10/2010
38. Address To A Woodlousey. 3/3/2012
39. Men Ure Fae Fife, Wimmin Ure Fae Azerbaijan. 3/3/2012
40. Cameron's Broken Britain. 3/3/2012
Best Poem of Scott Forster

You Have A Beautiful Soul

To My One True Love, Gina

your written on my heart
its a bitter kiss when we part
we're better met bitter parted
to be so far away
to be so in need today
if there ever was another way
you write your name on my skin
sleeping by my side
i hear you, feel you -breathing
i would walk in the cold of the night
just to find a place filled with light
to hear your voice.

to listen to you speak those words
your laugh sweet as honey
i love when you find me funny
You give me the hope to dream
And things could never be as bad as they ...

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Father's Son

A poem I believe I wrote in an emotional mood.I was thinking of my dad who died at the time.

there's no way to make it through
I did the best i could do
I tried hard to be my fathers son
but I am not the chosen one
the more things change
the more cliched it feels
I look at my life and I see a story of change

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