Sean Buchsbaum

Sean Buchsbaum Poems

1. Words Dont Always Come Easy 11/5/2006
2. I Just Want To Lie Down Sometimes 11/6/2006
3. My Tables Have Changed 11/6/2006
4. Confused By Her Smile 11/6/2006
5. Fall Away 11/6/2006
6. Take It All For Granted 11/7/2006
7. One Of Those Days 11/7/2006
8. Pissed From 'stuff' 11/7/2006
9. Everyones 'Dream Girl' 11/9/2006
10. Nothing Comes Without Awkward Footsteps 11/15/2006
11. All But A Joke Known As Life 11/16/2006
12. Looking To See What You Have Found 11/16/2006
13. The Thought 11/17/2006
14. 'If Only' 11/17/2006
15. Um Osu 11/18/2006
16. Never Crying At 'Home'' 11/26/2006
17. Like Its Said 12/7/2006
18. Imaturety Of A Generation 12/18/2006
19. My Life 1/3/2007
20. That Girl 1/8/2007
21. Ordinary Day 1/8/2007
22. I Wish I Knew 2/11/2007
23. I Am You 2/13/2007
24. Lady In The Sky 2/13/2007
25. Death Is The Awatnense 5/20/2007
26. Rocky Hills 5/20/2007
27. Lost Inside 8/7/2008
28. Life Ticks By On The Clock 1/19/2009
29. What Life Is 5/20/2007
30. Yesterday Was A Week Ago 12/11/2006
31. Cars Drive On Wheels 12/11/2006

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Best Poem of Sean Buchsbaum

Cars Drive On Wheels

Life is a party on wheels
you have so much fun
driving on the road
but so suddenly the wheels
fall from under you
and leave you behind
faster than life should

realizing that all of it
went away with the actions
you took
driving it all away
steering another way
changing it anyway

losing myself to a crush in
the wind feeling the hand so soft
changing it all
with a blink of an
faster than life

looking through another door
in my car
nothing changes
my steering wheel still steers me
in the directions i ...

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Take It All For Granted

we get everything we
ever wanted
but all we do is throw it away
like its another day
letting our lives go
in a simple way
just like forgetting
a loved ones birthday
saying its ok

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