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Life is a party on wheels
you have so much fun
driving on the road
but so suddenly the wheels

I stare ahead
feeling so lost
in my mind
trying to keep

Im so lost
in everything
it doesnt even
make sence

My life is about changing who I am
It shows inside,
seeing life through my eyes.
Is another sight

i saw a girl
i once knew her
and she knew me
so soon i see

the day has come
just another day
but now it is a day
that you will see just as

I see her face
It says
So many things
In just one look

i am you
for i talk
and walk
as you

The sky awakens in the morning
she opens her eyes
so we can see the sun
the time has come

Death is the awatnense
Of life to end
Lingering in the abyss
Scared to look for the true meaning

I see hills of green
Over the pink sunrise feeling closer than far
Wow! The color of the sky is blue reflecting the world
Through the gray of the clouds.

It’s another night
Stuck in a place that we love
Sitting there with
The bright lights

Feeling like I have no
control of who I am
to let everything go

Life is a continuous flow
left to right

Its another night
Your searching again
For those words you lost
To the person

You want to see myself
For who I really am
The person right there
Looking down smiling at you

My past
is gone
my friends
have changed

Hearing what I feel
is all I can see
its what I need to be

I was caught
off guard
with the stare
that changed my life

we get everything we
ever wanted
but all we do is throw it away
like its another day

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writing is getting serious in my life but im at the stage where its killing me almost, i can write but it just doesnt feel the same)

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Cars Drive On Wheels

Life is a party on wheels
you have so much fun
driving on the road
but so suddenly the wheels
fall from under you
and leave you behind
faster than life should

realizing that all of it
went away with the actions
you took
driving it all away
steering another way
changing it anyway

losing myself to a crush in
the wind feeling the hand so soft
changing it all
with a blink of an
faster than life

looking through another door
in my car
nothing changes
my steering wheel still steers me
in the directions i wish
going in a path
with one choice in mind

reaching out your hand
for your eyes to see where your going
dragging the feeling
while driving
with the wheels
that move so far away
forgetting to stop and wait

while the dream
of a car
that kept moving away
to see
my car driving away
staring back at me
through the mirror
that i used to be

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Sean Buchsbaum Popularity

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