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The mouth remains speechless; the spirit is here.
It touches all blocks in my head; makes me free.
My heart becomes open; the sweetest thing is
I always felt I have had this inner bliss.

So I remain silent; I look in your eyes.
I see sometimes hell and sometimes – paradise.
It all depends on me and never on you.
My power and greatness are my perfect truth.

I heal myself slowly; I know it takes time
To find my own sound, my rhythm and my rhyme.
I breathe in love gladly; I enjoy every sip.
I drink my own knowledge; it comes from the deep.

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Summertime Is Calling

Summertime is calling; feeling is amazing.
Sky is almost kissed by a cosmic laser.
We no way are lazy; you and I are crazy.
Our essence is easy; our moves are mazy.

The world of joyful journeys lives in our atoms.
And to get in there we just push the button -
It's called a pure intention; it's a wish, but stronger.
We play with time so we will make it now much longer.