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Beautifully summarized
Far beyond description
Only stars meet the count


Lovely and Healing
So is that Slow Tune

Fertile like no soil
For weeds and crops to sprout
So homely beyond comfort
A mother for the cursed and blessed
Absorber of all shock
Recipient of all that strikes


Moonlight Shine
Over Clear Skies


A squirt you are
From so lost a world


Green Christmas tree
Holding sweets and balloons


Lines like ants
Cueing up to the kraal

To think and think
Then fail to reason
To look look and beyond
Then fail to see


Blessed to be born
Jolly lovely baby


Hoot Hoot Hoot
Heavily comes the coach

Same as Seen
So differently felt
As seen in the mirror
All as the Opposite


Healthy a Hand
Thoughtful a Mind


Sweet Sweet Sweet
(Squeaking sound Peck)


Queen of all I know
Shape of the Love I have

Early I rose to face the world
More like the jungle
To eat or get eaten
All i knew, either i fought

They talked and talked
But little os spoken of them
The walkers of the talk
The cried for the truth


Once it was, what we thought
Felt all time, confessed all day
It is all we see, and never imagined
The truth as it comes, not as wished

Set in the barrel of success
All alone i stood
Equipped with dreams
I set out for a world

Set in the barrel of success
All alone i stood
Equipped with dreams
I set out for a world

It's not just a life
And all are not lies
The realities of my life
I live to smile

Sentamu Aziz Biography

I was born raised and educated in Uganda, grew up up in a humble family with both my parents. As the first born of four children, i grew up bearing in mind that I had to set a good example for my siblings.This was not to come the easy way as coupled with i hard work I had to live a life of never giving up in anything i choose to do. I started writing poetry in 2002, sadly I lost my first sketch book of 101 poems after which I for a while gave up on poetry and tried writing scripts and stories but resumed poetry in 2010 following the death of my very good friend.. I love writing whatever my mind conceives..I run two online pages: Saint Aziz de Writer on Facebook and I have great love for writing and hope to write for the movie industry one day. Professionally i am a Commercial Pilot as well as a Flying Instructor. My Book: 'VOICES OF MY MIND' is undergoing review)

The Best Poem Of Sentamu Aziz

Sweet Uganda

Beautifully summarized
Far beyond description
Only stars meet the count
For my Country's Beauty

Small like a treasure box
A home beyond horizons
That East or West
Uganda is the best

A pearl among beards
A Lily among Roses
A crane among pelicans
A source of voyage
That sends the Nile miles

Rain all year round
Green all that surrounds
Fresh cool breezes
From Lakes all around
An image so alike
The Biblical Eden

People so happy
Cunning and wise
Hospitably Homely
Nice and welcoming
To a home like none
The pearl of Africa

Parks parked with so much
Wild of all kind
Flying, crawling and swimming
Cousins of mankind
Swinging all around
Squeaks growls and roars
Closing down the jungles

Sweet sweet Uganda
A home beyond my wishes
A wish beyond my desire
A gift special beyond thanks
An answer to the special prayer
That all the beauty and Love
We always stand to say
For God and my Country

. . . . . SENTAMU AZIZ. . . . . . . . .

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Amanda k 06 October 2018

Amazing poems Very inspirational

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Stephen Eriaku 05 October 2018

Loving your page. My daughter, Mable Amuron, of the recent Black Voices collection, has dived right in with me! Thank you for sharing your gift, Aziz!

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Sentamu Aziz 27 September 2018

No one owns sense, anyone can make it

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Sentamu Aziz Quotes

A hyena can never lead a vegetarian campaign..

Its never about the prayer... its always about the faith in the prayer.

A lion's smile is a deer's warning.

Faith is a silent Bell of success.

Life is this bridge between life and death

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Sentamu Aziz Popularity

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