Serena Constance Grobler

Serena Constance Grobler Poems

1. One To Last 12/1/2010
2. She Makes Them Bleed 12/1/2010
3. Awaiting An Answer 12/1/2010
4. Charlie's The Man 12/1/2010
5. Just Breathe 12/1/2010
6. Pulling Weeds 12/1/2010
7. In This Night 12/1/2010
8. Swallow Me Whole 12/1/2010
9. To Love Me 12/1/2010
10. We Need To Explore 12/1/2010
11. Thinking Of Me While Looking To You 12/1/2010
12. The Tear That Moulds 12/1/2010
13. One Final Squeeze 12/1/2010
14. I Could Have You 12/1/2010
15. The Strongest Woman Alive 12/1/2010
Best Poem of Serena Constance Grobler

The Strongest Woman Alive

So what happens now
Career, moves forward
My friends, move forward
I seem, to move forward
My issues, undealt with
Live here
My heart, unprocessed
Still here
Watching the movement
Feeling the fight
Forward the motion
Momentum my plight
I act, I see, I believe to be
Moving before others
Leading a path
I, the real stranger
Lighting the bath
The water now clear
My friends can look and see no fear
Direction I give
I guide
My gift
I ponder
As I lead
With my stride
My true feelings I wonder…
Forever to ...

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