Seth Proch

Rookie (July 2,1986 - not yet / Bennington, VT)

Seth Proch Poems

1. Praise The Lord! All Ye People! 4/15/2007
2. The Spindles And The Spines 4/16/2007
3. Fire Fighter 4/16/2007
4. Rainy Days And Mondays... 4/16/2007
5. The Passing Of Gary 4/16/2007
6. And A Rock Feels No Pain, And An Island Never Cries 4/16/2007
7. Made From Sugar So It Tastes Like Sugar 4/16/2007
8. Corruptable Platforms, Or The Light At A Four Way Stop 4/16/2007
9. I'M Growing Vines That Cling To These Hallowed Walls 4/16/2007
10. Missionary (Position) Abortion 11/7/2007
11. Drunkard 1/30/2008
12. Jesus And The Heavenly Hosts 1/30/2008
13. Twisted Distant Lover Gone... 1/30/2008
14. Broken Hearted Sad Sap Blues 1/30/2008
15. Eulogy (For Alex, Elliott, Nick, John, And Ian Too...) 4/8/2010
16. Broken Basket Blues 4/8/2010
17. Foreign Flower's Lullaby 4/8/2010
18. The Passing Of David 4/16/2007
19. Life, In A Cracking Nutshell 4/16/2007
20. And So It Goes... 4/15/2007
21. An Ocean Full Of Lies (My Cell Phone Rings At 2 Am) 5/3/2007
22. The Temptress, The Siren, The Witch 6/13/2007
23. A Look Into The Mind Of A Tree 6/13/2007
24. On The Wings Of A Pleasant Conversation 4/16/2007
25. Can I Change The World With You? 4/16/2007
26. Dream Girl... 11/7/2007
27. I Need A Dream Lover, So I Don'T Have To Dream Alone... 11/7/2007
28. The Fantastic Voyage 11/7/2007
29. There's A Kind Of Hush All Over The World... Tonight... 11/6/2011
30. The Legend Of Clarence & Alabama 5/3/2007
31. Teacup Reading On A Dismal Day 11/7/2007
32. Moon. Rock! 11/6/2011
33. The Stable Life Is No Life At All 6/14/2007
34. Hit And Run 6/13/2007
35. Morning's Enlightenment... 4/15/2007
36. Floodlight, Headlight, Moonlight, Goodnight 4/16/2007
37. Drink Up, Swallow Hard, Keep It Down 4/16/2007
38. Romantically Yours 4/16/2007
39. The Passing Of Leanne... She Lived, But Only Temporarily 4/16/2007
40. In A Train-Car To The Moon With You 11/6/2011

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Best Poem of Seth Proch

Destiny, Or The Prisoner

My brother born inside a cage,
You'll die inside that place,
My brother for a summer,
The world was never yours to have,
You always knew just how to laugh,
But the air was never yours to breathe,
Distant brother, killer born,
Your life was never yours to live,
Your child was never yours to raise,
His life was never yours to take,
Once upon a distant summer,
Once you were my only brother,
Back when nothing really mattered,
Your life was always bruised and battered,
Reality completely shattered,
But it was never yours to break.

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Fire Fighter

Ashes of your love rain down from the skies,
so I keep my head down so they won't sting my eyes,
The smoke envelopes me, but the flames drive me out.
The tar fills my lungs as my heart fills with doubt.
You are a living effigy, burning bright for me,
but that self sacrifice just isn't my scene.

I'm sorry for you cause I can't return the favor,
it's sad but it's true cause I can't return those feelings,

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