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I am 34 years old. I got my MA degree in English from Ferdowsi university of Mashad. I am married and i have a son, AMIR ALI.I am an English teacher researcher and I love poems, philosophy and language.I wrote a lot of poems in Persian but I want to share my understanding and pleasure with all those who know English because I am sure that English is the property of all the citizens of the globe. If I have something worthwhile it is for all the people who live on the soil planet and I think we all should help make a better world out of language, aesthetics, philosophy and poetry. I enjoyed learning from other cultures and countries. I want to have the taste and sense of an Iranian person in my poems.

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The Dog-Eat-Dog Plot

A lunatic eagle in a suicidal operation twiddled with the tail of an old lion and set it on fire.

The authorities of the jungle gathered to counsel to do something about it;

'We should not wipe stained with blood spots by shedding more blood
So let's unlock the door of democracy.'
Send our eagles in the sky
And teach the presupposed attackers a lesson.'
'Peace making flights!
ِ Don't get close to them
Something in their faultless looks may be frightening and contagious
Attack from high afar.'

'Ready! '

'Open fire on them
Aim at the flowery spots of the mother's dress
Fire, fire, fire, fire, .....

'The baby was not on her mother's lap, was she?
She was asleep, wasn't she?

Now all of the vultures fall down! ''


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Seyyed Bagher Mirshojaee Popularity

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