Shailen Karur

Shailen Karur Poems

1. The Morrow Always Arrives 9/7/2012
2. Orange Lady At Night 9/7/2012
3. And Here She Is, Again 9/7/2012
4. Arbit And Random 9/7/2012
5. Tethering 9/7/2012
6. Early Morn 9/7/2012
7. Great People Saying Stuff 9/7/2012
8. To Inject Or To Fill Up 9/7/2012
9. Airplanes, Eggshells And The Music Within 9/7/2012
10. Ghouls Of Eons 9/7/2012
11. Where Is She, But Inside 9/7/2012
12. Random Cumulo-Nimbus 9/7/2012
13. Moodi 9/7/2012
14. Touch Gentle 11/20/2011
15. Hoping To Meet Her, Again, Soon 9/7/2012
16. The Sound Of Rising Sap 9/7/2012

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The Sound Of Rising Sap

my lover my tree, your shade beckons me to cooler comfort
and to an existential rustling of the leaves, bending
cantilevers of supple boughs
I lay in waiting beyond today's ephemeral twilight
and aha! , there she is, trailing milk white tresses
she finds me tucked away beneath my nightly succor
basking in the canopy of her glow
come the clouds and I'm starting to think
'Where art thee my love, are we to spar in the clouds' succession? , I would like for us to take a few brief excursions, returning unto ourselves...
I have no consolation save but yours'
And so I ...

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Touch Gentle

while a tendril of
gently tumbles
to whisper a caress
onto her cheek,
I sit by and gloss over
a magazine describing
a plasma burst on one end of

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