Shakti Chattopadhay Poems

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Abani, Are You Home?

Abani, are you home?
The neighbourhood lies in sleep with doors closed
But I keep hearing the night knocking at my door,
'Abani, are you home? '

I Can Go, But Why Shall I?

I think, I will rather turn back
So long,
I have smeared so much soot in my hands
Never thought of you as you are -

Otherwise Why Should You Be Human

A group of mud-smeared dark boys

Their loin-clothes raised above their knees
Excitedly catching fish, as they plunge into the water
Beside the ankle-high ridge in the middle of the pool.

The Key

Till this day here lies with me
Lost long ago, your dearest key
You open still that chest of yours?

Walks Behind, Remains Remote

He walks behind me, from a polite distance,
Keeping his eye on me. I try to hide in a crowd;
He pretends his mind is elsewhere, or, at best,
He looks as if he is fooled and separates himself.

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