Abani, Are You Home? Poem by Shakti Chattopadhay

Abani, Are You Home?

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Abani, are you home?

The neighbourhood lies in sleep with doors closed
But I keep hearing the night knocking at my door,
'Abani, are you home? '

Here it rains all the twelve months
Here the clouds roam like cows
Here the eager green grass
closes in on the door,
'Abani, are you home? '

In my heart, half-dissolved, long-traveled
I fall asleep within pain
Suddenly I hear the night knocking at my door,
'Abani, are you home? '

Indira Renganathan 27 February 2017

the night knocking at my door.....these words hold the content I guess....this poem sounds good to me though I don't get the full meaning of it..

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Susan Williams 27 February 2017

This is so atmospheric- -and the repeated line gathers spookiness each time it is used. I want to read this poem again and again and read more of this poet's work.

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Tom Allport 27 February 2017

a lovely homely poem with one Question?

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Edward Kofi Louis 27 February 2017

Neighbourhood! Thanks for sharing.

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Wahab Abdul 10 November 2013

the meaning '' Abani '' must have lost the meaning..but with the meaning of ''Abani '' in Bengali, this becomes a top notch poem...

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Shakti Chattopadhay

Shakti Chattopadhay

Baharu, 24 Parganas / India
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