Shakuntala Sharma

Shakuntala Sharma Poems

1. My Guru 8/25/2009
2. You And I 8/25/2009
3. Man, Stay Put! 8/26/2009
4. Good-Bye Friends 8/27/2009
5. I Am Ordained To Be A Mirror 8/28/2009
6. Only The Chosen Ones 8/28/2009
7. Rumi Jelaluddin, Come Again 8/31/2009
8. Thank God! Not By Me 9/2/2009
9. How The Great Men Ruined Me 9/3/2009
10. Newton Please Come Back 9/6/2009
11. My Prayer 9/6/2009
12. Ideas 9/7/2009
13. Today's Urban Children 9/7/2009
14. Emergence Of Bhagwan 9/10/2009
15. Nature's Statistical Law 9/10/2009
16. Modern Ma 9/14/2009
17. When God Came To Our House 9/14/2009
18. Guru / Disciple 9/17/2009
19. Horizons Are Only Fictitious Lines 9/23/2009
20. My Teacher 9/29/2009
21. Planets Don'T Die 9/29/2009
22. I Don'T Want No Apologies 10/1/2009
23. My Friend 10/1/2009
24. Random Thoughts 10/27/2009
25. Reiki 10/30/2009
26. I Shall Never Die 8/25/2009
27. Mother's Love 9/7/2009
28. My Maiden Surname 9/15/2009
29. My Search For God Still Continues 8/27/2009
30. A Poem 9/3/2009
31. Hu 10/7/2009
32. Life's Purpose 9/9/2009

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Best Poem of Shakuntala Sharma

Life's Purpose

I am past sixty, yet my life
has not been
Convincingly accounted for

I refuse to believe
My birth has occurred simply
Without a plan or devoid of purpose

When I was four I knew what I wanted in life
To reach the sky and touch the stars

My restless brain forever made plans
To place ladders one above the other
And climb until I reached

I tied in my feverish mind
Father's walking sticks one to another
To poke the sky

When I was fourteen I dreamt
Of becoming great
Absolutely no idea ...

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Only The Chosen Ones

Every sperm need not fertilize
An egg and grow into a child

Every brainwave need not crystallise
To a thought or to an action

Every human being need not become
The Buddha, the Enlightened one

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