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Lonely Echoes

Echoes of loneliness was his name.
Words and Story was the game.
We fell in and out of prose.
He the Thorn; I the rose.

His Return

He came back to me.
Back to the place where we fell apart.
Back to this aching bleeding heart.

Dark Knight

Dear Dark knight and black warrior,
Sitting here I now realize the ramifications of my sins.
Sometimes we have to lose just to win.
In finding my heart I lost my goal.


You know there's something wrong when you're the soft to his strong. When he's the wrong in your right. The dark in your light.

And yet still you are pulled to him.

The Ties That Bind

Like a feverish hunger; the need to touch and be touch sizzles and thrives.

It's sharp sting of awareness buzzing inside me as the bees and their hives.

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Began writing short stories and poetry as a pre-adolescent and continued throughout grade school. Attended Halls Cross Roads Elementary school in Aberdeen Maryland and graduated from Naaman Forest High School in Garland, Texas in 2004 with honors. Was raised and baptized into the Church of Christ and have been a firm believer all of my adult life. ...

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