Shane Engisch

Rookie [ArcaneX] (3/25/1989 / Lansing, MI)

Shane Engisch Poems

1. Trapped And At Fault For It (Taaffi Pt.1) 10/22/2013
2. We Are 10/22/2013
3. Carry On 10/22/2013
4. Suppressed 10/22/2013
5. Never Finished 10/22/2013
6. Into The Storm 10/22/2013
7. The Cycle 10/22/2013
8. My Reply To Belief In God 10/22/2013
9. Unbreakable Spirit 10/22/2013
10. I Feel Like A Ghost 10/22/2013
11. Hermit Crab 10/22/2013
12. Street Thoughts 10/22/2013
13. Day/Night Hero 10/22/2013
14. Layer Over Layer 10/22/2013
15. Pending On The Mend 10/22/2013
16. Only So Much 10/22/2013
17. Urge To Fight 10/22/2013
18. Nocturnal 10/22/2013
19. Won'T Spin Me Around 10/22/2013
20. The Past Only Catches Up When You'Re Standing Still 10/22/2013
21. Stars During Day (My Paradise) 10/22/2013
22. Wizard 10/22/2013
23. I'Ll Save You 10/22/2013
24. Soul Searching 10/22/2013
25. A Song For My Mom 10/22/2013
26. Song Inspired By Society's Fallacies 10/22/2013
27. Random Motions 10/22/2013
28. Orion's Travel 10/22/2013
29. A Heart Like David 10/22/2013
30. Warrior Of The Kind 10/22/2013
31. Wormhole 10/22/2013
32. Learn, Pride Learn 10/22/2013
33. Chain Reaction 10/22/2013
34. Patterns 10/22/2013
35. A Song For Unrest 10/22/2013
36. I'M Moving To South America 10/22/2013
37. Standing And Listening 10/22/2013
38. I'Ll Make It 10/22/2013
39. Dedicated To All That Have Influenced 10/22/2013
40. Soon I Will Be 10/22/2013

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Best Poem of Shane Engisch

Anxiety's Hold

Even the greatest moments, calmest actions, most peaceful energy, would be unable to tear it off once it sticks
it winds you up for everything and causes one to just pace instead
Eyes get dizzy from observation of another's and can assimilate the same hold
Tension continues to escalate and bottling it up only makes the explosion imminent
No one likes it
Some look to escape through things that actually increase it
An insanity I've dealt with and still resisting
Depravity of vice while the resuscitation of life simultaneously reacts from one thought and act of will
It's ...

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The Search

Love, such a tender companion yet such a formidable foe.
It let's hearts wander, share, and grow.
Some say love plays a game that you cannot win,
but it's only those who don't believe that lose and cave in.
I may be broken, I may be buried,
but I will always hope, and keep the faith as I ferry.
For the sea of love is infinite,
this ship so sturdy and indefinite,
I will search until I fade,

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