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Right now I am nighteen and married to a wonderful man. He has been the main source of inspriation and is the main subject of most of my poems. I met him in high school when he was sixteen and i was fifteen.I broke up with him to go out with someone who ended up hurting me, and who I thank for helping me realize where I was supposed to go in life. ...

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A Girl...

A girl.
I met this girl with a beautiful personality, but had a lot to hide.
A girl with compassion.
A girl with sorrow hidden deep into her heart, that only a key can open it.

A Mother And A Death

As I step out of the shower,
I hear peoples voices saying, 'What a beautiful girl.'
And as I look into the mirror,
I don't see what other people see.....

My Farewell

My farewell is a long one, I just have a lot to say.
Farewell to all of my teachers, you have taught me well.
You have taught me to grow with the world and with society.
You have taught me everything I know, and I say 'Thank you! '

Two Hearts, One Soul

He says that he loves me. He says that he wants to be with me forever. But do I believe it? I don't know the answer to this question, but in time I will.

I say that I love him. I say that I want to be with him forever, but does he believe it? I guess that I will never know the answer to this question, but I may already know.

Where Do I Belong?

I never know where I belong,
tThings are not how I've imagined them to be.
I can't sleep and I can't breathe.
Sometimes I just don't want to eat.

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a a 29 November 2009

I dont understand what you are going through in life, yet i believe you are thriving in your struggle in it ^.^, keep writing its coming out beautifuly.

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Joseph Macquarrie 28 October 2009

ur poems r so kool and cute and i understand what u r going threw in life

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Joseph Macquarrie 07 October 2009

all of urs poems r so cute and sexy like u

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