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1. Where Is My Shining Knight! 5/14/2012
2. A Step Away! 5/15/2012
3. As I Lie In The Grass Looking 5/15/2012
4. Are You The One? 5/15/2012
5. As The Sun Begins To Rise! 5/15/2012
6. Can You Feel? 5/15/2012
7. Can You Step Away 5/15/2012
8. Deep Within My Mind 5/15/2012
9. Everything Is So Clear! 5/15/2012
10. Insecribable Serenity 5/14/2012
11. Listen Your Heart 5/14/2012
12. Move Backward To Move Forward 5/14/2012
13. My Mom In My Life 5/14/2012
14. As You Take Flight 5/14/2012
15. Even If I Was Never To Meet You! 5/14/2012
16. The Dream Weaver 5/14/2012
17. Crying Out In America 5/14/2012
18. Fate Or Destiny For Me 5/15/2012
19. Desire You Always 5/17/2012
20. You Are The One 2 5/17/2012
21. You Came Into My Life 5/17/2012
22. Your Not Alone 5/17/2012
23. Within A Moment 5/17/2012
24. Whitered Petals Of My Life 5/17/2012
25. Window Pane 5/17/2012
26. Why Must Life Be So Hard 5/17/2012
27. Who Is Honest Who Is Not? 5/17/2012
28. Where's My Angel? 5/17/2012
29. What I Was Taught! 5/17/2012
30. What A Beautiful Person 5/17/2012
31. Wake Up Your Senses! 5/17/2012
32. To Forgive 5/17/2012
33. This Is My Angel! 5/17/2012
34. This Is About Me! 5/17/2012
35. The Wonder Of It All! 5/17/2012
36. The Unkown 5/17/2012
37. Roads Of Life! 5/17/2012
38. Right Before Your Eyes! 5/17/2012
39. Real Or Fantasy? 5/17/2012
40. Reaching Out For You! 5/17/2012

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Good Morning My Sunshine

Good morning my sunshine!

Good morning my beautiful sunshine who shines upon my face,
You are but the one I want and no one can take your place!

The halo of your love and the beam of glowing light,
Lets me look beyond eternity with a positive sight!

The beautiful angel face that I see in front of me,
I hold so close to my heart and soul locked with a key!

Your wings and arms that reach out and touch me,
Will sweep away my fears; build dreams for me to see!

Your angelic voice is like a choir singing music to me,
Calling me closer so ...

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My Mom In My Life

MY Mom in my Life

Mom was there to take away the pain,
Mom brought me sunshine to wipe away the tears of rain!
Mom never had a selfish attitude about herself,
She put us first, putting her hopes and dreams on the back shelf!
I remembered the special times that we shared,
Whether it was watching the Honeymooners or doing the polka,
It didn't matter no one cared!

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