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1. Where Is My Shining Knight! 5/14/2012
2. A Step Away! 5/15/2012
3. As I Lie In The Grass Looking 5/15/2012
4. Are You The One? 5/15/2012
5. As The Sun Begins To Rise! 5/15/2012
6. Can You Feel? 5/15/2012
7. Can You Step Away 5/15/2012
8. Deep Within My Mind 5/15/2012
9. Everything Is So Clear! 5/15/2012
10. Insecribable Serenity 5/14/2012
11. Listen Your Heart 5/14/2012
12. Move Backward To Move Forward 5/14/2012
13. My Mom In My Life 5/14/2012
14. As You Take Flight 5/14/2012
15. Even If I Was Never To Meet You! 5/14/2012
16. The Dream Weaver 5/14/2012
17. Crying Out In America 5/14/2012
18. Fate Or Destiny For Me 5/15/2012
19. Desire You Always 5/17/2012
20. You Are The One 2 5/17/2012
21. You Came Into My Life 5/17/2012
22. Your Not Alone 5/17/2012
23. Within A Moment 5/17/2012
24. Whitered Petals Of My Life 5/17/2012
25. Window Pane 5/17/2012
26. Why Must Life Be So Hard 5/17/2012
27. Who Is Honest Who Is Not? 5/17/2012
28. Where's My Angel? 5/17/2012
29. What I Was Taught! 5/17/2012
30. What A Beautiful Person 5/17/2012
31. Wake Up Your Senses! 5/17/2012
32. To Forgive 5/17/2012
33. This Is My Angel! 5/17/2012
34. This Is About Me! 5/17/2012
35. The Wonder Of It All! 5/17/2012
36. The Unkown 5/17/2012
37. Roads Of Life! 5/17/2012
38. Right Before Your Eyes! 5/17/2012
39. Real Or Fantasy? 5/17/2012
40. Reaching Out For You! 5/17/2012

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Tears Of Joy!

Tears of Joy!

Tears of joy I will cry for you, let my love flow eyes for all to see!
Tears of joy I will be your happiness, I will be there to erase them for you!
Tears of joy, I will be for you, through good and bad times we share!
Tears of joy I will be your shining light forever you're my burning desire!
Tears of joy I will kiss my beautiful angels face, never to let go!
Tears of joy I will hold your hand, and we will make a solid stand!
Tears of joy I will walk beside you never to be alone my dear!

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Listen Your Heart

Listen to your Heart!

I hear you voice whisper in the wall,
Stay with me forever you will not fall!

To face the day with perilous flight,
I will guide you every day and every night!

Listen to your hearts as its beats for you,

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