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Time time time
Make time, give time, take time out
Win time, cost time, the time of your life
Spend time, sell time, the good times and the bad

We made love in the afternoon
The warm sun radiating through curtains
Gently drawn
Bodies naturally warm and glowing

As I perceive the moon's light kiss
I wish that we will never miss
The love of friends in hearts held dearly
Dispelling doubts and showing clearly

Emerging slowly to a resonant truth
The mind, body and soul of an errant youth
Yawned, stretched and reached out to life
Seeking knowledge, fortune - and maybe a wife

Television has replaced the hearth
As the focus for our dream time
Instead of visions
We see illusions

I walk the path
My feet are sometimes bloodied
My soul is constant

When the wheel has stopped turning
When it has come full round
If we are still upon it
Then no truth will we have found

If I sat down with a paper and pen
A drawing board and some tools
To design the perfect girl for me
Now hang on don't call me a fool

I am the servant at the temple door
I am the Raven, I am the claw

I am a priest from far Atlantis


I’ve made my peace with demons and priests
I’ve found my way to the stars
And standing in the deepest dark
Wondering at the beauty of that cold light

I stand
The light breeze teasing my head
The sun kissing my lips in hot passion
The sky so blue I want to swim in it

The Sun rose slowly over the Downs
Deceiving the early risers with its promise of warmth.
The half-light gave a spectral air
As the first blue blooded aristocrats

The scene is white
Nothing but purity
Add to this a few stout conifers
Still green?

Sometimes when I am alone and quiet
I get a kind of feeling,
Like the taste of a half remembered dream
That fades away when focused on,

I stand before the Oak
And become the forest

I step into the fire

I am a man
My head is full of dreams

It is the morning
And the reality is cold and unfeeling

Not ready yet to whisper my regret

Still yet a while to see your smile

The sensations, overwhelming
Our fuses, overloaded
We shut down in each other's arms
Crying and laughing, holding close and warm

Dare we teach
.... Our kids to be thinkers
and honour their thoughts
even when they don't comply

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I write as I live, on inspiration. This got me into trouble when I was young, but I have learned - a little anyway, and besides, my version of reality suits me better than trying to live anothers, no matter the occasional shadow, at least I own the steps on my path, every one is mine; And the journey is so beautiful, as I watch the seasons of my being rolling out in the eternal now of my gaze.)

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Time Time Time

Time time time
Make time, give time, take time out
Win time, cost time, the time of your life
Spend time, sell time, the good times and the bad
Kill time, zero time, all the time in the world

Time watch, time travel, time to begin
Time table, time square, can I fit you in
Time frame, time to go, time that you grew up
But tell me...

How do you feel?

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It is easier to change a point of view Than it is to re-order the universe Easier - but not always easy

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Shaun William Hayes Popularity

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