Easter Massacre, Sri Lanka Poem by Sheena Blackhall

Easter Massacre, Sri Lanka

Rating: 5.0

Three blasts in quick succession in Colombo
Three hundred murdered, wiped away at once
500 injured, families blown apart

Tourists chatting at breakfast in
The Cinnamon Grand
The Shangri La
The Kingsbury
A suicide bomber queued at the buffet to obliterate
Foreigners, locals, the too-familiar recipe of terrorism

In the Zion church, children in Sunday best
Slaughtered, flesh strewn across the sanctuary
St Anthony's church and shrine, no place of safety

A pipe bomb, detonated at the airport
Ambulances racing through the tuk-tuks,
Fire engines screaming past, police sirens screeching

Wiring hangs like spaghetti from tattered roofs
Some victims left only their shoes
The mortuary at Colombo's national hospital
Reeks with blood and moaning
The shops are shuttered, schools are closed,
Sniffer dogs seek out the dead and dying

A bomb has no mind, no heart
A bomb does not ask
Would you like to die today to further my cause? '
A bomb is anonymous,
It has no conscience

It mingles the blood of Buddhist,
Christian, Moslem, Hindu too
A bomb is hate
Served up at an innocent breakfast on a plate

Castellenas John 23 April 2019

A very sad day. People gathering to celebrate. Lost to hate. I pray we stop the violence. Powerful and needed words Sheena. I put the Sri Lanka in my prayers.

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Chinedu Dike 10 July 2021

Heartrending story written with clarity of thought and mind...

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Kumarmani Mahakul 23 April 2019

Three blasts in quick succession in Colombo was so sad and very sensitive as well as thought provoking. An amazing poem is very brilliantly penned.

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Mahtab Bangalee 23 April 2019

it's a beautiful poem ++++++++++10

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Mahtab Bangalee 23 April 2019

sometimes I want to scream out that -" there is no religion in world" sometimes feel some peace within religions but it's true those who kill the human, humanity they have no religion! they are only terror! every religion has come to pacify the unstable world, to make unity among people, to teach we are from the same source and to the same source, ............///

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Jayatissa K.Liyanage 23 April 2019

Thank yo Sheena for writing about this civeredly act of a blood thirst extremist group in the name of a faith. Let us all civilized humans unequivocally condemn all acts of this nature.

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