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Born the 4th child in a Catholic family in Grand Junction, Sheila made her first move at the tender age of 3 weeks to a 2 acre spread in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. She has young and fond memories of their life close to the land, raising chickens, cows, goats, making butter in a churn, growing vegetables, having a little brother added to the famil ...

Sheila Burns Poems

False Identity

Holding in high esteem
My false self image
The granules of that image flow
Slipping thru the hour glass

Dark Clouds

Dark clouds drifting by
Throughout most days
Are easily ignored.
But some days completely


To look at me, you might say
“Linear accountant type
No creativity, no way, ”
In spite of my sloth

Cosmic Dementia

Everything blends
Dissolving and combining
Before my eyes
Within my head

Writer's Block

Sometimes, too often lately,
Now when my vocabulary
Has grown quite large
I cannot recall a specific word

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