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My Favourite Person

You are always there for me
I known you for so long
You told me today that you loved me
Now I feel we are strong

Happily Never After

In the beginning it feels like a fairytale
You believe there will be a happily ever after
Your Prince Charming you have finally found
And you are the beautiful Cinderella

That Stare, Those Eyes

I only came just to see you
I didn't care who was there
I didn't know what was happening
Because all I did was stare

Stolen Innocence

He holds the blade to my throat
I feel his hot breath on my cheek
His hand slowly slides down my back
He says he'll kill me if I scream


Sitting away watching the days go by
Each day is just the same
The sun comes up and then goes down
Then it just happens again

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I Am Now 17 Years Of Age
Others Express Themselves Through Music And Art..I Do It Through Poetry. Please Read And Comment. It Will Really Mean A Lot. =)

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