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In our wedding night
I saw the bright stars
Promising us happiness
Through all days to come

Spring is the time of rebirth and renewal
A time when nature wipes its winter tears
Spring is all happiness and hope
A joyful season of beauty and delight

Don't fall in love so quickly
You may get hurt and soon regret
Be vigilant, smart and resist
It is easy to fall in land of love

Close the door after me
I will not be coming back
I will be traveling
to a world of unknown

I am a bit bored Adam
I am a bit bored Eve
Let's walk together in the garden
This beautiful garden of Eden

Your so beautiful eyes
They are much splendid
Most pretty and lovely
There is magic in them

I feel my heart beating
Through my lungs breathing
I am happily alive
I need to be going

It is another snowy day of winter
The snow is falling everywhere
Looking as far the eye can see
The snowflakes are tossed in the air

Yummy, Yummy apple a day
sweetly, tasty, surely

Green, red and yellow

Love is a mystery game
Everybody has a plan

Come hurry kiss me honey

The lovely pretty autumn months
without fanfare have arrived
Announcing marvelous new season
The sunny autumn will be coming

California is a great state
The most populous in the nation
The land of the past and future
The land of the fruits and nuts

Amy, Amy my sweet love
Amy my beautiful flower
You fill my heart with joy
With everlasting happiness

Paint smile on the child face
Let the smile radiate and shine
Let the happiness spread around
The child is new happy member

I love the color green
the color of valleys and gardens
Oh' these graceful shady trees
the fields of grass and shrubs

December a happy jolly month
Full of fun and fond memories

Certainly the last month of the year

Adam and Eve love story is legend
A story written in golden letters
Thousands and thousands of years ago
in time immemorial and forgotten

Chocolate has special sweet magic
you fell in love with it in a moment
from first bite you feel euphoria
it is a darling gift between lovers

Before you go away
Kiss me sweet goodbye
Rekindle the love
that once filled our hearts

When your lips
touched my lips
I lost all my senses
I lost my presence

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Resident of Southern California, Beach Cities. Electrical Communication Engineering B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. MBA Master of Business Administration. Information Technology.)

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Our Wedding Bells

In our wedding night
I saw the bright stars
Promising us happiness
Through all days to come
My bride I much adore you
You have my unbound love
Your shining beauty
Your gleaming eyes
The doors to paradise
Your cheerfulness
Your radiating delight
The candles lead our way
In the journey of life
The golden bells
The silver bells
They will all chime
Announcing merrily
For joyful future
For beautiful family
Crowning our love

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Learn how to resist your inner voices and temptations. Be in control.

Life is Endurance. Life is full of pain. It is inescapable. This is life whatever we pretend. Not everything in life comes our way.

Mind is gift of god. Mind is very precious thing and is our source of self esteem.

Learn in life to win.

Women are the men's prize.

Many things are unknown to me but what they are? they are unknown to me.

I hate life and I hate death. What to do?

I hate life and I hate death

Happiness Killing ten Roaches

Today is yesterday dreams.

Our human life today is yesterday dreams

Everybody wants money from somebody else

Seventy percents of women claim that they look younger than their ages

In life their is hurt

Politicians brag that they are not politicians before they become one

I hate flies and mosquitoes

Politicians start their career bragging they are not politicians

My head is exploding with ideas

Every day you learn something new and every day you discover something you knew before was wrong.

Sleeping is a gamble. You may not awake next morning.

Life is a long journey with lot of hurt

You may trust the person from the first time and you may not

No one was offered a choice to be born male or female

Four or Five old children can be very evil and mean

Times of happiness don't last but leave happy memories and times of sadness don't last but leave scars in heart.

We all came from pussy

Human beings are the majority the young people

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