Sherif Monem Poems

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Our Wedding Bells

In our wedding night
I saw the bright stars
Promising us happiness
Through all days to come

Adam And Eve Apple Fantasy

I am a bit bored Adam
I am a bit bored Eve
Let's walk together in the garden
This beautiful garden of Eden

Spring Celebration

Spring is the time of rebirth and renewal
A time when nature wipes its winter tears
Spring is all happiness and hope
A joyful season of beauty and delight

Careful Falling In Love

Don't fall in love so quickly
You may get hurt and soon regret
Be vigilant, smart and resist
It is easy to fall in land of love

Close The Door

Close the door after me
I will not be coming back
I will be traveling
to a world of unknown

Enjoy Every Day Of Life

I feel my heart beating
Through my lungs breathing
I am happily alive
I need to be going

Snowy Day In Winter

It is another snowy day of winter
The snow is falling everywhere
Looking as far the eye can see
The snowflakes are tossed in the air

Apple A Day

Yummy, Yummy apple a day
sweetly, tasty, surely

Green, red and yellow

Love A Diamond Ring?

Love is a mystery game
Everybody has a plan

Come hurry kiss me honey

Autumn Months

The lovely pretty autumn months
without fanfare have arrived
Announcing marvelous new season
The sunny autumn will be coming

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