Sherif Monem

Bronze Star - 2,009 Points (Egypt)

Sherif Monem Poems

1. What Is A Kiss 6/29/2008
2. Close The Door 6/29/2008
3. I Have Abandoned My Love To You 6/29/2008
4. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Stars 6/30/2008
5. The Song Of Love 7/1/2008
6. All Together Jump 7/2/2008
7. Lonely Heart At Night 7/4/2008
8. Kiss Me Goodbye 7/11/2008
9. Hold Me Tighter 7/11/2008
10. A Bank Teller Name Crystal 7/15/2008
11. My Heart Is Catching Fire 7/15/2008
12. Cast Your Sorrows Away 7/15/2008
13. The Wedding Night Party 7/16/2008
14. Game Of Love 7/20/2008
15. The World Of Love 7/21/2008
16. University Of Love 7/23/2008
17. Maze Of Life 7/26/2008
18. Your Love Is Drizzle 7/26/2008
19. Darkened Dreams 7/17/2008
20. Traveling Life Fast Lane 7/17/2008
21. Jiji Arrows Of Love 7/27/2008
22. Kiss Me Before You Leave Me 7/30/2008
23. Viola Crushed My Heart 8/1/2008
24. Jenny Is Honey 8/2/2008
25. I Fall In Love Easily 8/3/2008
26. Dance Waltz With Me 8/3/2008
27. Viola Hungry For Love 8/4/2008
28. Resurrection Of The Dead Fantasy 8/4/2008
29. Raining In My Heart 8/4/2008
30. Cry Hubby Cry 8/5/2008
31. The Invasion Of The Earth Fantasy 8/6/2008
32. The Girl From The Bronx County 8/7/2008
33. Running From My Shadow 8/12/2008
34. I Want You Be Mine 8/12/2008
35. Strawberry And Orange 8/13/2008
36. Love And Fire 8/17/2008
37. Fighting Death 8/24/2008
38. Shasha Love Game 8/25/2008
39. I Am Sorry Darling 8/28/2008
40. Shasha And Jiji 8/29/2008

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Best Poem of Sherif Monem

The Child's Smile

Paint smile on the child face
Let it glow and shine
Let happiness spread around
The child is new member
of our kind human race
The young child born in our world
Need to survive and grow
Surrounded with tenderness and care
If the child is hungry he and she will cry
If the child is lonely he and she will cry
They are proud members of the humanity
We are the crown of the animal kingdom
We are the most of intellect
most social and fountain of emotions
Talk to the child and sing
Touch, hug and embrace
Give the child the nourishing food
Give him ...

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All Together Jump

Penelope, Penelope
Jump the rope
Horsey horse jumpy jump
Horsey horse let's have fun
Monkey, monkey jump from tree to tree
Catch a nut and chewy chew
Ballerina, ballerina jump with style
Let's your partner, get amazed and go so wild
Andy the champ swimmer jump off the board

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