Shobana Gomes Poems

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A Potter's Clay

Neither distraction nor a mind unfree
A tireless preacher he sits unknown that his hands form a task
A tiresome task some say to the form of his mind
A vivid picture and the result of a taskmaster

What's In A Name

Knitted in document of names, the journey begins
Of what do you see the traits begin or how
How does the trail reveal its roots
A name stands to gain footage on scrolls

The Speeding Train

A little girl of six
She sits legs folded beneath her
Watching for the speeding train
As it whizzes past her

Master Of Poets

I read through rhymes
running edges of dried ink
that stained pages taken
from memories nay

The Master's Delight

I say to you truly
The seaside and its manor a relationship most obscure
Listening to wind waves that wash and grind along the way
Filling lukewarm days bristling with salty aftertaste

As Ancient As Me

Topple me over with wings
Untie the rope that clings
I am a castle down by the sea
and held upright by the people you see

Precious One, Lingering Hope

Precious One, Lingering Hope
Chastened by christening light
The time has come
For thy divine blight to enter thy kingdom above

Quote By Shobana

Words are the scripture of love
with an inscription of understanding - shobana

Where The Green Olives Lie

O Master of the fields
Walk past thy vineyard free
Thy steps emblazoning thy path
Of the vineyard where the green olives lie

If I Could

My mind forms a question
My lips are sealed though
Unsaid words await recognition
Oh how could it be so

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