RoseAnn V. Shawiak Shopping Poems

While Shopping Looking At Love From The Outside In

Looking at love from the outside in, people walking about,
not really looking for that someone special right now.

Yet, possibly some are on the lookout, hoping interiorly

People Shopping

Looking around while sitting here at Fry's Food Store,
lights shining, being reflected upon the floor, plastic
packaging, glass over menus in little areas.

Shopping With Strangers

Sitting, writing, watching at times,
people walking around, doing their

Shopping With A Friend

Going into department stores, looking for specific things,
not finding any that fit what's needed, a friend stopping
to look at whatever catches here eye.

Shopping At Sam's Club

Pushing buttons, beeping sounds are emitted into the
atmosphere, totaling prices of items people buy.

Cars sliding, fork lifts backing up, steady beeping