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An aroma that fills the heart,
An intimacy shared with art
Between good friends, that
Share together soul, heart,

Out of the mystical power sunset in deep red,
Into the flushing sea,
The thunderous winds drop dead
And a beautiful glorious day foresee,

With word of year selfie,
In the dynasty of -elfies,
Millennials are so happy,
So happy to build their online identity,

She, who is brave, is free,
Free, free, free,
Free, as the soul of gypsy, free,
Free, as the heart of hippie, free,

Lost in a world of trouble and distrust,
Surrounded by indifference and crushed,
Floundering around and getting nowhere,
Not here, not there,

Drunk on the scent, scent of mimosa flowers,
March speaks in their secret language about mightiest power,
That closed in a perfume bottle, given by right hand of lover,
Brings love, sensitivity, elegance, happiness, a song in the air,

I long to walk along the river path
Early in the morning, when the mist burns away

Golden autumn in red-yellow glow,
Comes as a dream, as an ardent rainbow,
A rainbow of fruits, a colorful array,
Bringing so much delight in a boisterous day.

Rhymes, Rhymes, Rhymes,
Rhymes in a poem, a truly dance,
Full of romance;
Rhymes that glide on lines

The sea, full of mystery
And free souls, that out of misery,
Abandoned and forsaken,
The road across the sea have taken,

Sweetness, softness, kindness,
Loaded with fruit, blessed with blood of grape,
Autumn, delicious Autumn, the Goddess,
The Goddess of harmony, the heaven's glow,

Silence is golden,
Smile brings goodness,
But the sweetest of all
Are you forgiveness,

When l miss and yearn for
Those years that can't be returned more,
First step, first class, first dance,
Everything about us,

Events roll the tiles of time,
Time creates our history,
That wrapped in a magic veil and mystery,
Unfolds itself in all its immensity,

Masks, masks, masks,
Foxy, clown, scarecrow masks…
Masks of all colors and of all hues,
Bright, pale, red, black, yellow, blue…

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Coffee Romance

An aroma that fills the heart,
An intimacy shared with art
Between good friends, that
Share together soul, heart,
flaws, simplicity, so smart,
Revive and bind pieces of images
Pieces of images, memories of love,
As the senses thrill, as in magic dreams!
This is the mystery of coffee hot,
Delicate enigma that reveals sins in a pot,
Yearning, nostalgy and tears,
That deep in the chest boil for years!
Here’s to you, coffee, coffee hot
Your romance is written round and bold,
Coffee, coffee, coffee hot!

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Brunela Andoni 19 July 2013

She writes beautiful poems and full of feeling, , , , beautiful poems! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Labor Day Labor Day tributes the working class contributions to the strength, prosperity and well-being of the country. When Labor will show the world what the workers can do? An trenchant Labor Day analysis bring us to the only conclusion and question: Why in today's World is capital so strong and labor so weak?

International Day of Workers It's true that each of us is given special talents and gifts by God and it's up to us and our beloved to discover our hidden and unique talents to become aligned with our true purpose, with the work we love and feel, giving a sense to our every day life, that as a real magnet does attract the smell and aroma of Universe to enjoy more the bliss and fruits it gives, be it a very simple work: plumber, builder, farmer, electrician...

Beauty is the sensual form and magnetic power of the truth.

Die was sind, wissen, dass sie nichts sind und die nichts sind, wissen, dass sie was sind.

Cheerful Music The emotional power, language and wonderful vibrations of a bright, cheerful music are a great 'key' that does evoke pleasant feelings, strong emotions, stimulate our brains, recall best memories, good melancholy, healing thus soul and lifting spirits. The best prescription for blues!

Folk Middle Albania Dances tend to be very flirtatious, created for young people falling in love.Women move very elegantly. Dance is very bright, dynamic, entertaining.Bright not because of its technical side, but for its improvisation, freedom, energy and passion, a dance full of fire and flames!

'Poems are divine, mysterious creation, that through words, lines, ebb and flow of rhythm, sing, whisper, move, sound like an echo, generating thousands of facets, as the light bounces off them in unpredictable ways to make poetry come alive within the mind's and heart's eye. An intellectual and emotional complex, a diamond'!

Let's celebrate the difference, our humanity, Hope through change and solidarity!

To put the hand into the Mouth of Truth, Roma, having the power to raise emotions, is always a nice experience. You can't resist putting your hand and hope for the best!

Love, love, love! Love this life, these vacations from the sky of love, from the infinite, to feel the pulse and energy of timeless, eternal, divine Universe!

The Veterans Day is the day we pay attribute to all veterans, living and deceased, who have served their country during war and peace times, tremendous contributions, which did enable so many of the rights and freedom we enjoy today!

Strong national pride is a poor taste

Strong national pride is a poor taste

When we speak our language, heart, brain and tongue are in connection, in electricity, because these sounds in the ear and their meaning in the heart give us trust and confidence, no matter where the world may take us!

Pride is good! Sometimes it's so nice to feel good about yourself and sometimes hubris is necessary to get us through! When too much or too little pride? Oh, there's a double- edged sword, a pathology on both ends!

Forgive and Forget ‘Forgive and forget', a tricky phrase! Forget? Beyond our power. Holding grudges in heart? Unhealthy, walls of separation. We can give our future a chance: get over it, forgive hurting, but trust them again …? The best kind of revenge: Move forward to another level of energy, love, forgiveness, letting go, look straight ahead, peace!

The powerful feelings rise from the soul and beat within us in the deepest silence.

The creative feelings rise from the soul and beat within us in the deepest silence.

Teaching is a personal magnetic process, the greater part of it not learned in teacher training institutions.

Spring in winter In the middle of winter l feel the magical scent of spring, its tender and energetic, delicate and living picture of the beginning of life. There are flowers that bloom in spite of the dismal weather, the grey of winter, flowers, "the smile of happiness", that give the experience of spring…, embraces of sun, birds… The poetry of nature!

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