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No matter in which corner of world you are,
no matter how hard the wind is,
no matter how far we are apart,
your not alone.


Torn, slapped stamped and burned
How far will you suffer girl?
Why do you cover the scratches and wounds that still bleed?
Why long sleeved covered dresses and that fake smile you wield.

Are you afraid of dark?
Or of a heady accident that leaves a mark?
Scars and wounds will stay there for forever
It’s them that teaches you to get up gracefully like ever

The curfew is pass time,
My shorts are already dirty with slime,
I am running through the woods in snow
Melted snow drips from the leaves, I should’ve known.

Do you even know why you are fighting for?
But still your guns will roar.
Can you feel those times when mother sacrifice their sons for a war that's a foul,
As you lay their tender bodies in graves, watch her sing lullaby to calm her soul.

Let me love you when the riddles of grasses grow,
The topaz sun never shows
Where the ladybirds sleep and sirens weep
In midst of tentative promises and hopes

The crows smelled
Flesh fumes burning
Perched upon my shoulder
One tipped its head.


Dear mother whose name I do not know,
Who is blooming with me inside,
I hear many voices applauding you and your husband.
I do not know what waits for me outside your cave,

Somewhere beyond the horizon a bluebird wails
I know that feeling; I know that heart that ails.
It’s not the right time to say to you this,
I know it’s too late to think,

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Hi, i am Shreya. and yeah maybe my poems relate to weathering lives and emotions but i personally believe life is beautiful!)

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Before You Fall..

No matter in which corner of world you are,
no matter how hard the wind is,
no matter how far we are apart,
your not alone.
together we stand, and remember:
When darkness is upon your door,
And you feel like it’s a lost battle,
All your defenses have been destroyed,
And you know it’s a dusk of your life,
Look beside you, and you’ll find me with armor
To make sure I die, before you fall…

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Fabrizio Frosini 29 May 2015

Shreya.. only 1 poem in 2015.. the others are from 2013: when a new one? ;)

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The Moody Blue 05 July 2013

Umm Shreya the Karate gal ri8? ? ? well your poems are so cool.Pink i liked most i felt like reading it again and again, , simply wow.So music is your mantra, , , , music must touch your heart and it must take you to an unknown experience.Even i feel the same when the euphonious sound of Banjo's, Guitars, Drums pass through my ears...All the best, , keep on writing.........

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Anger was a dead man's theory.

Anger was the dead man's theory.

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Shreya Nair Popularity

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