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Born in Tuscany, Italy. Currently living close to Florence and to Vinci, Leonardo's hometown. Doctor in Medicine, specialized in Neurosurgery, with an ancient passion for Poetry.
Author of over 2,000 poems, in 16 Collections (see at the bottom) .

Books published [both eBooks and Printed Editions]:

Books published as sole Author:

– «The Chinese Gardens – English Poems» – English Edition (also in Italian Edition:
– «I Giardini Cinesi»):

– «KARUMI – Haiku & Tanka»;

– «Allo Specchio di Me Stesso» ('In the Mirror of Myself') - Italian Edition;

– «Il Vento e il Fiume» ('The Wind and the River') - Italian Edition;

– «A Chisciotte» ('To Quixote') - Italian Edition;

– «Il Puro, l'Impuro – Kosher/Treyf» ('The pure, the Impure – Kosher / Treyf') - Italian Ed.; ...

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Fabrizio Frosini 26 July 2016

over the past days I have noticed that there is a poor soul who cannot find anything better to do, in his/her empty life, than filling my pages with 'dislike'.. (also on the comments other poets have written here and on my poems) Hiding his/her identity behind the anonimity that PoemHunter grants everybody, this soul tortured by envy and -maybe- feelings of hate and revenge against 'the whole world' (? !) - who know? :) - , has big fun through such foolish entertainment. Well, for sure this is much better than getting a gun and go to the streets shooting to innocent people.. But it gives a lot of sadness to see how petty and miserable are such behaviors.. I'm not specialized in Psychiatry, but can understand that the void inside such a poor mind has to be a heavy burden to bear.. P.S.: I've asked my friends to add a number of 'like' whenever they feel that such a behaviour has been shown.. Thank you.

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Fabrizio Frosini 26 July 2016

In the last couple of days -but expecially today- a PH member [not a real poet, and surely, not a 'normal' person] has targeted my page with tens and tens of 'dislikes' [more than 130 just to-day.. in a few hours.. regarding the do you like this poet? button only - they were 17 yesterday, and today (or better, up to this very moment..) they are 149! plus tens on each and every comment left by other poets on my page..], in a silly game that only qualifies the absolute void in his (or her) mind... And that also qualifies such a person (or better: 'psychiatric case') as a COWARD, who uses anonimity because he/she has not the nerve to show his/her face..

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Fabrizio Frosini 04 August 2015

******************** UNO SPECIALE RINGRAZIAMENTO A TUTTI I LETTORI ******************** SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL YOU READERS Ho appena letto un messaggio che un amico poeta mi ha mandato un ora fa, segnalandomi che 2 mie poesie sono tra le più lette su Poem Hunter I've just read a message that a poet friend has sent me a hour ago, reporting that 2 poems of mine are among the most read ones on Poem Hunter... As I couldn't believe his words, I checked.. and yes.. seppur incredibile, è proprio così! - although incredible, that's it what PoemHunter says.. - - - ] ''NOCTURNAL SNOWING'' today is '' # 99 poem on top 500 Poems '' and it is listed 'number 9' in the list ''Top 500 Member Poems'' - - - ] ''TENDERNESS'', is also in those lists: # 141 poem on '' top 500 Poems '', plus n.12 in the list ''Top 500 Member Poems'' Cosa dire? non posso ancora crederci! - What can I say... Well, I can't believe it yet...! ! CAN'T BELIEVE MY EYES..! ... THANK YOU SO MUCH... THANKS TO ALL OF YOU, dear Readers! GRAZIE! * greetings from Italy *

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Roby Grillus 04 August 2015

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ''NOCTURNAL SNOWING'' today is listed ''number 9'' - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - NO, IT IS LISTED SEVEN, 7 , not 9))) CONGRATULATIONS)))

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Pamela Sinicrope 29 September 2015

Frosini is a great poet, thinker, and collaborative colleague. His poems are written with great care, every word carefully placed and chosen, whether the writing is in Italian or English. He has a great command of both languages. His poetry details what is important in life to most: memory, love, loss, longing... There seems to be a nice balance of realism, Impressionism, and lifelong experience... as a surgeon, a man, a philosopher.

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Michael Walker 25 September 2019

Always a competent translator from English to Italian and vice-versa. Fabrizio has taken long strides forward in original ideas (imagination) , and technique.He reaches across Italian and English cultures effortlessly.

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Anzelyne Shideshe 19 February 2019

The day I knew you my path changed, thank you For you are a great mentor.God bless you more.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 01 October 2018

On behalf of all fellow poets, PH Family and our Mahakul family a title of honour is offered to poet Fabrizio Frosini born in 1953 in Tuscany, Italy, as, Poetic Healer From today on-wards he will be known as Poetic Healer Fabrizio Frosini. We hope all poets and visitors will accept this. This honorary title is given to him due to his contribution in service of mankind, literature and translation. We congratulate him and wish him all the best for his future.

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Pierre Krusketta 10 August 2018

oh Fab, you have 4 poems in the first page of Top 500 Member Poems, today! how beautiful! N.1. Nocturnal N.3. Tenderness N.9. You & I N.12 Beyond CONGRATULATIONS!)) i truly love your poetry. you're one of the best poets at poemhunter. surely the best for me!)))

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Michael Walker 05 March 2018

Dr. Fab, You are welcome to use my haiku 'A Soccer Report' in any book of yours. I thought that my other haiku, 'The DVD Player' was possibly just as good. Regards, Michael.

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The Best Poem Of Fabrizio Frosini


Yearning for tenderness.
The one lost —It's so long -so long

The light delves deep in the watery
Unconsciousness of an unnatural essence,
Just to find nothing.

Longing for what went missing at some point
Somewhere, in the long journey, is a beguiling
Dead end.

Come what may,
Pushed from pillar to post —Worn by
The wrinkles on the forehead
Without destination,

Regrets what's gone lost,
Keeping its scent forever.


Copyright © Fabrizio Frosini - All rights reserved

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Fabrizio Frosini Quotes

17 January 2015

‎'Est unusquisque faber ipsae suae fortunae' ['Ognuno è artefice del proprio destino'] ['Everyone is the architect of his own destiny']

23 January 2015

'Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.'

23 January 2015

«Nam Sibyllam quidem Cumis ego ipse oculis meis vidi in ampulla pendere, et cum illi pueri dicerent: Σίβυλλα τί θέλεις; respondebat illa: ἀποθανεῖν θέλω.» ************************************************************************************************************************ - It is quoted by T.S. Eliot in 'The Waste Land' (1922) - - - The quote refers to the mythic Cumaean Sibyl who bargained with Apollo, offering her virginity for years of life totaling as many grains of sand as she could hold in her hand. But, after spurning his love, he allowed her to wither away over the span of her near-immortality, as she forgot to ask for eternal youth. - The Satyricon tells of the misadventures of a former gladiator through the Roman Empire in the first century A.D. Only fragments of the story still exist. The scene Eliot quotes occurs during a feast at the villa of a wealthy buffoon named Trimalchio. - Sibyl of Cumae was a prophetess in service to Apollo and a great beauty. Apollo wished to take her as his lover and offered her anything she desired. She asked to live for as many years as there were grains in a handful of dust. Apollo granted her wish, but still she refused to become his lover. In time, Sibyl came to regret her boon as she grew old but did not die. She lived for hundreds of years, each year becoming smaller and frailer, Apollo having given her long life but not eternal youth. - When Trimalchio speaks of her in the Satyricon, she is little more than a tourist attraction, tiny, ancient, confined, and longing to die. - - Secondo la leggenda, Apollo le aveva promesso di esaudire qualunque suo desiderio in cambio del suo amore; ella gli chiese di poter vivere altrettanti anni quanti erano i granelli di sabbia che poteva tenere nella sua mano. Trascurò, tuttavia, di domandare al dio anche l'eterna giovinezza, che Apollo le offrì in cambio della sua verginità. In seguito al rifiuto la Sibilla Cumana iniziò ad invecchiare e a rinsecchire fino ad assomigliare ad una cicala e a essere appesa in una gabbia del tempio di Apollo, a Cuma. In queste condizioni la Sibilla aveva un solo desiderio: la morte..

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