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Thanking The Divine...

Whenever I got sucess
n accomplished new heights...
I would thank every person behind...
for being the medium of the divine...

Whether it was teacher in school
who inspired me to top the class
or a friend who inspired me to
learn to play guitar..

Whether it was a friend who introduced
me to the world of books and wisdom
or a friend who inspired me to flow
through poems...

Whether it was a friend who inspired me
to seek spirituality & enlightenment
or a friend who taught me about
present moment awareness...

I thank u all from the bottom of my heart
for being the messengers of God in my life...
for introducing myself to me
n for giving me the vision to see Thee...

PS: This poem is dedicated to all my friends...Thank u guys...each one of u...for always being there n all ur unconditional love...May God Bless U....: -)

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