Shweta Nair

Shweta Nair Poems

1. Walk On! 12/20/2014
2. Teardrops 10/24/2015
3. Lost In Time 2/23/2016
4. She Is I 7/14/2014
5. Breaking Free 9/6/2013
Best Poem of Shweta Nair

Breaking Free

Break the bonds,
Loosen the ties.
Sauntering along a sunny aisle,
nobody seen for a mile.
Dash all expectations.
Push everything that holds you down.
Walk along, run wild.
Oh! You bonded child.
Leaving pressure behind,
and stress can take a hike.
Because, no one can keep me down.
I soar like an eagle,
let loose from his cage.
I rise like the cloud,
Ready to be free.
I shine like the sun,
breaking free for an open run.
I'm the air, the breeze.
I'm the water, the sea.
I cannot be imprisoned..

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