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Are you shining because you rime with the word star?
Or is it your beauty, hidden in the wonders of who you really are
I, myself wonder how far

“There is not a single reason to put that frown
It is not your fault that these people are brown”
Said an old priest, with a gown full of blood considered ‘vile’
I am not trying to cook up a racial story, no.

When I see your smile, my atoms ionise
Be my whole spiritual being, be my blessing in disguise
Be my 1s electron, my precious element and I’ll love you more
In good times & in bad, like the times of our father Niels Bohr

In the morning he barks
angry as ever
he curses all the mouths that shout
and curse the cold day and weather

I hoped
That today
I will write
a love song for my mother

I did not find
A rounded meaning
for the word love
In my own dictionary

He walked through our cities wondering and confused of this world in a rush
He travelled… travelled…
and travelled
through our cities that for a long time in his short life brought him sorrow and

From my perspective
I believe that Tupac Shakur was a victim of racism
So as Nelson Mandela, who fought through courage towards the bright light
Tupac was not just a rapper who stood up for young Black males

To this day of brilliant bright lights, I reminisce of all the memories made in my travels warm and cold
I have never written these words scattered across the landscapes of my free hand of sweet verse and prose
In my travels I have paved ways to my future thoughts amiable, like the splendor melody from a sweet old rose
I have seen the future through the power of my free imagination, and a glimpse of my eternity in great fold


Alone in the mysteries of my desire
for you in the wilderness of an earthly fire
With no loss and fulfillment of verses I write…those of pure poetry and satire
Alone in the words I swallow in the dreams of your thoughts…you a big liar

Gestures of wounds, my dark life unfound so bound in the shadows of grey mists
Treasures of pure gentleness, sounds so well curbed deeply within the black roses
Slaving dreams in voyages of my infinite joy, and all my thoughts shattering in my close sight.
My core being in agony, seeds of my peevish wisdom and all my laid scattered visions

You are my flowers of gold,
You have preserved your beauty, yet in the days so cold.
Within the deep mysteries of love you have never sold,
Your serenity and the heart so bold.

There is not a single word within the pages inside
This is a place where good thoughts use to reside
They say the author left to the world of the dead and the unknown
To search for answers of all the secrets hidden within the pages of this old diary

Sea shores can sing praises of the dead and lonely shells
Words from the inside can gather sweet melodies unbound by evil spells
I am the architect of all these words building towers and memories I glide on
How much I love you can’t compare or even be shared within the hearts forlorn

Mama is in pain
I know so, because she cries of wounds every now and again
I feel like I am responsible for the slay
All of my education and thoughts cannot fully pay

With bended knees
Along those forbidden trees
I am stunned by all this fresh smell
It must be a bakery, a garden, a wheat valley or a poetry mortuary upon a spell

The third and the last fourth quarters, made no sound at all
The first and the fourth parts built up a sound upon an old wall
There were scaffolds of gold, traces of all riches beside the fallen towers
It’s the first night at the Roman gates: the last finders are counting the lost hours

I am the first and last religion, waiting patiently on all shores in every season.
Through the age I have stood, mastered all the tears of man that came and went.
For after some time I laugh, for my age sleeps kindly upon edges of rocks rough.
To the minds curious, I create pores for my peace and spaces where I only vent.

Harvesting the past years of tears I reap the days of sorrow and years of self blame
My chances combining to my own world and true self, all the pain binding within a thought senseless
Many of my visions and dreams have faded, but the truth about me is still not born
The body, mind, soul and spirit is torn, but the blood and pride is forever shining

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Are you shining because you rime with the word star?
Or is it your beauty, hidden in the wonders of who you really are
I, myself wonder how far
They will go, to destroy your beauty written upon the blue skies
They tried before, by hiding your life in books
But God rested still in your mind and preserved your precious looks
I guess you are who you are to me, an old dream to my hands that never dies

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