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A dame to die for,
But a dime, I have not,
Can she wait?
Don't ask, she says,

I walked up to her, each step slow
deafened by the scream and mourn
I kneeled beside her, low
deep was my sorrow yet numb.

Dreaming sweet dreams
Living a nightmare
Sleep is an escape
From the horrors of reality

Beware of the little lies you tell
feels like being stabbed
with a dagger in the chest

I am but a book
don't judge me by my cover
many can read me
but not all understand me

You have taken over my thought
changed my fake smilesto a real ones
you brought me from living to being alive
what do i call this feeling

I have heard about it
read about it
seen it
but never felt it

They call me crazy
unreasonable, sick
but they don't know
this feeling

This fire inside of me
burning slowly with want
It makes me ache for your touch
to hold me so tight in your arms

I am tired of crying
but these tears keep droping
living a nightmare
I am afraid; I fear

From a chaotic mind
Trapped words are fetched
Put down on paper
Arrange to make sense of

I feel neutral
not happy
not sad
I'm just me

You are invisible
Your voice cannot be heard
Even when you scream
not a sound is heard


Without a tear
their might be a frown

Without a frown


Oh dear lily
How long have you lived
You have become so livid
At the bay window

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A Dame

A dame to die for,
But a dime, I have not,
Can she wait?
Don't ask, she says,
Every man wants me the same,
For time, I have not, before this beauty fades.

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