Siim Andreas Peter Saarva

Siim Andreas Peter Saarva Poems

1. From Despair To Immortal 10/13/2009
2. One Is Nothing But Two Is All 10/13/2009
3. Patience Of Waiting 10/13/2009
4. Soul Mate 10/13/2009
5. Thankful 10/13/2009
6. The Blessed Girl 10/13/2009
7. The Confession 10/13/2009
8. The Lost Brother 10/13/2009
9. Think With Your Heart 10/13/2009
10. The Echoes Of My Mind 10/13/2009
11. The Enlightment 10/13/2009
12. The Last Dance 10/13/2009
13. Where Are You 10/13/2009
14. Eternal Brothers 10/15/2009
15. I Remember 10/12/2009
16. Singing My Tone 10/12/2009
17. Patience Of Love 10/12/2009
18. A Friends Protection 10/13/2009
19. An Ocean Of Roses 10/13/2009
20. Complication 10/13/2009
21. A Mothers Forgiveness 10/13/2009
22. Dreams Of Tears 10/13/2009

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Best Poem of Siim Andreas Peter Saarva

Dreams Of Tears

I dream about you all the time,
And I want to give you all the stars,
But that would be a crime,
I can see you, in my dreams,
The beautiful and shining eyes,
Forcing out thunders that flies,
My heart with love it feeds,
Thunders of love, to fill my needs,
My stomach and all my fears,
Breaking me down, and giving me tears,
Tears with love, running down my cheek,
One for each, a river running down,
So beautiful eyes, thou blinding my mind,
A weak breaze, in the morning,
Fills me up, with passion, what can i find,
The day passing by, I'm...

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A Mothers Forgiveness

I do not know, how you survived it all,
After all I put you through, I can't believe you didn't fall,
I am so sorry, for all I have done,
I hope you can forgive me, and still have fun,
Sad, dissapointed and hurt you, see what I made,
But still, you are by my side, and you never let me fade,
I am where I am today, because of you,
Without you, I wouldn't be here, and missed by few,

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