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I was brought up in the Midlands of England, although I have spent most of my adult life living elsewhere. I have a B.A. in English from the University of Reading and I am now an editor, writer, photographer and journalist. As well as this, I also play classical and rock guitar. I have travelled to a lot of places around the world - I even managed to settle in Switzerland for three years - but my favorite home from home is the USA.

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Max Reif 31 December 2005

I'm rather shocked there aren't yet comments by other members. That could only be because the number of poems Simon has posted haven't given him sufficient exposure. I'm thinking of downloading and printing out the PH 'book' of his poems and carrying it with me till I've read them all: my experience of those I've read so far is that rich. From these works, thick cake of experience lifts right off the page into the reader's senses, mind, and heart.

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The Best Poem Of Simon Whild

Birthday Harvest

Bereft upon a winter rose
Goes the shiny soul
Of yet another year.
But rising from icy fields
Arose a silent freshness
Of scented April harvest,
Budding bright new sights
Of days you’ve yet to see.
So, on this day of days,
Be of joy and sing,
As this day has seeded
The rose of brighter things.

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Simon Whild Popularity

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