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Taught By Your Actions, Oops I Forgot Your Words.. - Poem by Sir T.A.E.P.S

I wish I knew where to start, I really wish I had the words to say.
But my mouth is dry hence my lips stay sealed as I stand in awe of the things you do.
Actually it's the things you say but never do that hurt me the most.
You lifted me from the ground where I lay in peace just to let me fall and shatter to pieces.
You set me on a pinnacle of promises and there I was standing on false hopes.
Little did I know your actions preyed on me, waiting to push me off and watch as I fall to my demise?
The worst part about is how you taught me to live life but you can't even live up to that same lie.

You were my role model so I took the remote and tuned in to your channel
It looked so smooth but you told me never ever to even try touching it.
You did it so well but told me not to try learning it.
Sadly with every huffing word you puffed it in my face
Dad how could you tell me not to smoke when you made me taste it?
How can I stop craving this treat you showed me because I you it got me enticed.
So since passive isn't enough let me step into your shoes and be active enough because just like you is what I'm supposed be.
I came to you because you were my role model; I sit with you so show me how it's done
How could you tell me how to live life when you can't even live up to that same lie?

I thought you taught me how to love because you told me you loved me.
I knew I had found my teacher so I laced up my shoes and watched your footsteps.
So with every move I followed your footsteps and this shouldn't surprise you.
Ohh wow, so much for surprises because you are the one who surprised me.
I hit the door but you hit the door before me only difference is that I forgot my bags, ohh wait you never reminded me to pack.
Mommy where are you going, why employ the door when it's love you should deploy..? (Sigh, tears)
Oh well, I might as well snap out of memory lane because these divorce papers won't to sign themselves
I look at my wife as she wipes away her tears but as for this marriage I can't take it anymore.
Momma you told me that love never gives up, too bad you never heard your echoes because your actions taught me twisted versions of those volumes.
Wherever you are I hope you can hear me because how could you teach me to live life when you couldn't live that lie?

I said amen the day you spoke about it, the whole church loved it the day you preached it
Even the guy who sat next to me adored you every Sunday because of how you said it and before I go on let me introduce him to you dad, he's going to be the father of this baby I carry.
I always thought life was picture perfect but those were lies that made me feel like it was worth it
You preached against murder but in my ear you whispered abortion.
You shout out repentance but in your house you withhold forgiveness.
Two-face was a villain but you are worse than the demon that haunts me, ohh wait you are that demon.
You teach how to live life but you have made it a lie because you yourself couldn't live that lie

I'm in pain because it's so loud inside my head with words I never said,
Best part about it is that I don't regret my silence.
I'm not going to be like you and act like a noisy monster
I'm not going to be like you so I'll hold my words
I'll speak not the volumes I can't live out
I'll lead my kids by example, hug my wife and tear the divorce papers, give birth to my baby and marry the father,
If actions speak louder than words, let my actions speak your language twice as fluent.
I'm done talking let's start acting

Poet's Notes about The Poem

day to day people say so much to try and correct others but they themselves don't live according to those same principle and that's why their words mean nothing at all to those they try teach to walk by those principles..

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