Sochukwu Ivye Poems

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Driven snow, when sad clouds close over me
and dark skies drop to colour my earth black,
you lure my journey home: you heed my plea.
As the key that opens doors bears the knack,

Cameo In Deed

Books in deed define your pet name for you
I well brook them for their station quite true
Do you make one thing of such depictions?
I see but made-up scenes lived like fictions

Aisha Yesufu

Heart exalted from the mountain of strength
to undertake blessed ventures afresh
Meet the goddess of divine punishment
who gives cannibals a taste of their flesh


If once I doubted you, it's all my fault
for I wronged you, it did me not exalt
If I lit your spirit but failed your verve
your heart of roses I wish to deserve

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