Sochukwu Ivye

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Chukwuma Ndububa, also known by his pen name: Sochukwu Ivye, is a linguistic stylistician, a rhythmist and a distinctive metrist. His epic, The Great Cold, is the longest metrical poem by an African.
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Driven snow, when sad clouds close over me
and dark skies drop to colour my earth black,
you lure my journey home: you heed my plea.
As the key that opens doors bears the knack,
Cameo In Deed
Books in deed define your pet name for you
I well brook them for their station quite true
Do you make one thing of such depictions?
I see but made-up scenes lived like fictions
Aisha Yesufu
Heart exalted from the mountain of strength
to undertake blessed ventures afresh
Meet the goddess of divine punishment
who gives cannibals a taste of their flesh
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30 October 2017
A cenacle is, here, full of beautiful hearts. A coven it is, here, full of wizards of arts.


Prabir Gayen 26 July 2020
A great and very talented poet.....God bless you dear friend....///
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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 16 January 2019
So happy to see you as the Poet of the day. Heartiest Congratulations dear Poet. You richly deserve this honour. God bless you N'ivy Sochi Chukwuma! Do write more poems! :)
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Prabir Gayen 16 January 2019
Very talented poet to sprout like a big Tree.
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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 15 September 2018
N'ivy Sochi - Chukwuma, is a brilliant poet. I have read all his three poems - Cameo, August's and Exiled. He is a poet with deep conviction of the subject he chooses, excellent language and diction, verses that are intense and poignant. I wish this young poet great amount of luck in life. And look forward to many more wonderful poems.
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Dr Dillip K Swain 29 October 2017
I came across with your recent write..August's...Outstanding ode on a brilliant theme..! Many congratulations dear poet for penning such a commendable piece of work..! ! I have to red it many times till I extract all nectar.
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Simone Inez Harriman 21 October 2017
Chukwuma is a poet to be reckoned with. His poems are truly magnificent each have a kaleidoscope of vivid imagery that leave the reader astounded at the pure raw creativity. This man is a master of his art and possesses a true poets heart. Chukwuma's mighty pen will go from strength to strength. A great poet has emerged from Africa.
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Don Bukana 13 October 2017
Hello Dear Chukwuma, You probably have no idea how much your beautiful poetry touches others...or maybe you do with all the response you receive. Your words reach out from your heart to the heart and soul of your reader. What a brilliant mind you have. You are a great writer there is so much to learn from you. Thank you sincerely, Donbukana
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Valsa George 08 October 2017
With just a handful of poems, Chuckwuma has established his fame as a great poet and has made giant strides. He is an example worth citing to show that in poetic creation, it is not quantity that matters but quality. His thoughts are above his age and his treatment of subjects- profound and lofty, exhibiting a rare maturity and balance! He can easily scale greater heights! Wish him all the Best!
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Bharati Nayak 07 October 2017
Chukwuma Ndububa is a promising poet of high talents.I am awed by his poems which are real beauty with their poetic craft, wonderful, unique imagery and rhyme schemes as well as their depth. The fact that with so few of his poems posted on this Site he has attracted such huge attention speaks volumes about Chukwuma Ndububa's poetic skill.I wish him all success in his creativity.
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Jeanette Telusma 06 October 2017
A highly talented poet, Chukwuma Ndububa. His poems comes from the heart with an excellent style of his own. The few poems here on PH is just a glimpse of what he has within. Keep writing, dear poet. Expressions such as what you've shared is greatly encouraged.
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Troy Cochran 01 October 2017
With only seven poems published on this site in four years, yet each of them expertly handled and showing an impressive degree of care, I see a young man honing his craft and calling upon the deeper resources of his love, his faith, his literary gleanings and ambitions, and a marvelous facility to paint with language, to portray what lives in him, what sways truly. His predilection for 'regal' or stately forms in which to express himself (the ode, the eulogy, etc.) , and the mastery that he is achieving in this endeavor, give an indication of great things to come. With this beginning as the groundwork and foundation of his intentions, the pinnacle of his achievements are sure to dazzle; maybe, even, to enlighten and empower. Chukwuma Ndububa shows great promise, and I have come to appreciate the spirit that drives his earthy pen. I feel with certainty that I am witnessing the determined steps of one who is resolved upon a great march; and come what may ~ for the long apprenticeship of the soulful poet is not always easy or glorious ~ I have no doubt about his legacy: the blood and sweat of his journey already yields a trail of diamonds and rubies! :)
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Kumarmani Mahakul 01 October 2017
Chukwuma Ndububa, better known for his syllabic verses of equal length, is a nice and multi-talented poet born in Isseke, Ihiala, Nigeria on Wednesday, August 16,1989. He has amazing skill of perception and expression in poetry writing. Apart from writing he also plays music. Although he is limited to formal education still he has gained much experience in writing poetry. For writing poetry educational qualification is not a bar. Through perception he has learnt many aspects. He writes poetry deep from his heart and each poem of his touches mind. We feel that many of his poems are wealthy and valuable. Every poem holds essence for humanity and life. He writes poems giving more promises. Chukwuma Ndububa’s poems carry deep thought, reflection of literary ability and wisely he sometimes applies humour and metaphor. We realize his philosophy of expression. May God bring unlimited happiness and success for his literary perseverance!
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Paul Amrod 28 September 2017
Hi Chukwuma, You are very talented writer that needs a bit of polish. I could offer you an edit of your newest poem to show you how this fits better with Harvard English. I am an American living in Germany and can help you a bit if you wish, All the best, Paul
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Adesoro Segun 16 April 2015
Witty! What a titillating poem you have here... Looking forward to reading more from you.
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Olayinka Samson Aremu 09 December 2013
Faeo Lyre Clive; a poet of intellectual sagacity whom his noble pen of correction and tutoring had brought me thus far. He is a wise and learned poet to walk with. A minstrel of high nobility that I so much reckon. More strenght to your pen!
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Dickson Mseti 15 August 2013
If life could define the end of everything, But it doesn't it gives you the experience to define it for yourself, If Life could ask me to define the end of you, This is what I could tell he will never end as long as his poetry exist, as long as the star shines and as long as minds exist, He will never end even long after his soul............. keep living brother
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Ellias Anderson Jr. 02 August 2013
well, i must say that you have a heart that is for humanity, clear as a crystal and i adore that. Your works (which i read) are gifts to the mankind.
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Ramesh Rai 25 July 2013
I have the experience that some poets are by birth, some are due to circumstances, some have fashion for poetry. Faeo 'Lyre' Clive is a poet by birth. His intensity for poetry is marvelous. He has a long life and i hope he will do more and more for poetry and make his own identity. I wish all the best for you. Ramesh rai
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Pranab K Chakraborty 09 November 2012
Journey always brings us variety of fathom and fragrance. Poetic journey can't be measured by any man-made unit. Just as I once was 'Apoet Bangla and one morning became astonished reading a poem by Faeo Lyre Clive who posted in PH by the caption... Apoet Bangla and in humaneness.... but now changing that disguise carrying my original name-profile. So I can confess my feelings. I became also much ashamed experiencing the passion and expectation of a poet from his contemporary another one.... Any way, now I am not apoet bangla, but yet I think that glorious offering by another poet really much inspiring. I can now enjoy it very much. It was Faeo who created the poem imagining a poet, as I now many times imagine the same within many others and obviously within Faeo Lyre Clive also. He has the spirit, the temperament, the trying to unveil the voice of unconscious by his own dialect of heart as a true poet. Wish he will attain a poetic-station where no-one even be able to keep their feet........Pranab k c 09/11/2012
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Dear Mr Faeo Lyre Clive, You are a poet with a unique passion and you have to be on this forum for years together for the power of your expression is marvellous. The themes have a splendid appeal each time and the diction always retains a superiority of its own. Your willingness to write at length on others` poems shows your great fellow feeling and you are sure to be a dear poet friend of all members over here.Keep writing Mr Lyre Clive |
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