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1. Illusion 2/4/2012
2. Ah Love 2/4/2012
3. River Korotoa 2/4/2012
4. Extra In Your Play 2/4/2012
5. It Is Not Easy To Revive 2/4/2012
6. Love For Sale 2/4/2012
7. My Summer Kiss 2/7/2012
8. Won`t You Come? 2/9/2012
9. My Pain 2/10/2012
10. Here Is Where The Sky Is Blue 2/4/2012
11. Oh, Bangladesh 2/4/2012
12. Last Night In My Yard 2/4/2012
13. Without You 2/4/2012
14. I Will Never 2/4/2012

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I Will Never

Now I am falling on the river
hoping the lord will guide me
to the heaven,
I don't want to stay here
any more
Here I am coming lord
your angel vanishing my
all dreams in the air,
The only thing i wanna do
cause I don't want to feel blue,
But its bound with me by the chain
So I am trying to run away from the pain.
I am falling deep in the river
Sorry to say my dreams telling me
I will not come back
I will never!

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