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Mangled swollen skins arrive
bleeding bitter dark prayers;
loathsome chants of naysayers
detached dreams dying alive

Meaningful conversations of elations aim
amores light, embracing echoing stamina
relegating through a tumultuous third year,
regrets of white lilies lining walls of despair

Panache scripts parade parchments
Of opulent vowels verifying volatile verses.
Elegy echo earnest emotional soiree,
Typecast assonance, alliteration resilience

What say you, when the rent is due?
Why shrill squalid souls for cheap wine?
Your children await greens and bread,
swollen stomachs of dark unrest.

stubby digits twirl Meridian heat
as not the Mama coos baby's soiled cries.

churn butter, snap-beans, with cornmeal hoecakes

Fan her dreams as gnats dance
like shadows igniting waves of
despair matching Memphis dust
bowls of heat.

This day of sixty fruitful weeks shadow
pristine relics of bundled keepsakes
adorned in obsolete gazettes of passing
snow storms, puppy training and next door's


The sun rises in gleeful suspense
enamored jewels expel new life
tomorrows vary...deranged scars
stare back through cracked mirrors

chanting beauty of chimes
ranting breaths of rhyme
yet why do we rarely find
subtle extension of time?

aurdous bettles
a collard

He dreamed my thoughts, embracing my struggles
disassembling riotous nightmares
all too grotesque, within mangled daydreams.
Past breaths of daily hibernating pain

fickle crickets:
serenading sirens
of retreat, as chartreuse digits
creep dark alley swamps;

scents growing love
nurture our middle-age
as young fragrant

New vain wishing wells
compel lips of grace
eager to savor do-tells
prophesying spoiled space

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Devoted Wife, Poet, Writer, Author, Blogger, Christian Believer...Reading and writing have always been silent passions, gone loud. Published works are building, as God pours the literary foundation(s) . Blessings)

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Dreamers Matter

Mangled swollen skins arrive
bleeding bitter dark prayers;
loathsome chants of naysayers
detached dreams dying alive

Cross wrath borders seething gold
seek anchor, desert heat fumes
disgusted skeletal tombs
foreign bloodline wealth resold

Fortune steps circling schools
bouncing life, twirling fair hair
speaking foreign tongues of flair
bright dreamers stunned by dark rules

Come seek lands built on distrust
Come expecting hued disgust
Seek out peace, as we all must
Seek justice from dawn to dusk.

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'To read is lovely; to write is divine'

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Sona Wilae Popularity

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