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Sonny Rainshine Poems

361. Art Movies And Naked Love 9/14/2007
362. Tale Of The White Adirondack Chairs 9/30/2007
363. Parable Of Five Stones 9/22/2007
364. The Eyes Of An Abandoned Building 9/6/2007
365. The Chimera Of Knowledge 8/29/2007
366. Word Unspoken 10/14/2007
367. Broom Sage 10/14/2007
368. Haiku: Death On The Savannah 10/31/2007
369. Rough Gabardine 10/24/2007
370. The Perils Of Paul 10/26/2007
371. The Pessimist's Answering Machine 12/14/2007
372. Shadowing The Genuine 12/25/2007
373. Film Noir Ii 3/18/2008
374. A Thousand Times Bitten 3/24/2008
375. The Heartbreaking Beauty Of Innocence 2/25/2008
376. Bored With The Keys 1/19/2008
377. Hyphenated Happiness 12/31/2007
378. Serenade 11/4/2007
379. Haiku: Dangerous People 11/3/2007
380. Current Currency 11/18/2007
381. Headline: Cleopatra’s Loveboat Capsizes 5/17/2006
382. Lake Scene With Ducks 5/14/2006
383. Horizon Road 5/31/2006
384. The Sanctity Of Tears 5/31/2006
385. Fashion Tips For The Egoist 5/31/2006
386. Focus 6/1/2006
387. Fatalism Is Fatal 6/9/2006
388. Yellow Epiphany 6/4/2006
389. Red Clover 5/3/2006
390. The Bond Of Star-Gazing 6/18/2006
391. How To Be Gorgeous 6/16/2006
392. Maypop 5/5/2006
393. Hawk's Reprieve 5/8/2006
394. The Alchemy Of Growing Old 5/12/2006
395. Home Improvement Can Be Criminal 4/29/2006
396. Man In Phone Booth On A Rainy Day 5/2/2006
397. Dandelions Are Rare 5/3/2006
398. Blue Water On Cloudless Days 4/30/2006
399. Soil Amendments 4/30/2006
400. Parable Of The Willow Leaf 9/10/2006

Comments about Sonny Rainshine

  • Sherrie Z (6/11/2018 6:16:00 PM)

    Hi, Sonny - I am doing an art / science activity for children at a community Wind Festival in Euclid, Ohio. I am using the seeds that are blown by the wind - like maple seeds. I like your poem very much and plan to use it with our art project. Thank you!

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  • Val Morehouse (9/30/2007 5:07:00 AM)

    Assisted Living is perfect. I think you have to have been through it to know it and write about it. See my 'Waiting for the Folks.'

  • Aisha Sherazi (4/3/2006 10:21:00 AM)

    I just love your poems! Keep up the wonderful writing! ! !

Best Poem of Sonny Rainshine

A Leaf Refuses To Fall

The leaves don’t let go
that easily either. It takes a bluster,
a filabuster of north wind,
and the wasp-sting of the first
chill of late September
to tear them off the page
of summer.

Persuasion doesn’t do it.
Sometimes in the middle of winter,
(the DEAD of winter, as they say)
you might see one shriveled
oakleaf, dangling from a frozen
filament of stem,
defiant, victorious.

Nothing likes to end;
the October wind invites
the leaf to tango in the frosty air.
A shy curtsey, a twirling turn,
a pirouette, then the dance

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Yellow Epiphany

This time of year
hundreds of pale yellow
butterflies descend upon
the early purple thistle
blossoms and daisies,
buttering up
the landscape.

Common as dandelions

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