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The leaves don’t let go
that easily either. It takes a bluster,
a filabuster of north wind,
and the wasp-sting of the first

He stayed up half the night
collecting one hundred fireflies in a mason jar.
Just before midnight he unscrewed the lid
and released them inside the screen porch.

One sex, one race,
one religion, one face.
One thought, one nation,
one dream, one altercation—

Some say that people
who like poetry
live in a rarefied world
populated with pretty words

In what she referred to as Reverse Art,
she decided to re-create
Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers”
in an arrangement of real blooms

She reached for grapes
and grasped a cluster of words,
which she crushed in her fingers
to make a concoction of nouns

One Chinese lantern,
forgotten when the lawn party
was spoiled by a summer downpour,
waves in the drizzly wind

An acorn drops,
piercing the leafy humus.
Heavy rain in the night
entrenches it

Growth! Progress! Expansion!
Then downsize it all when it gets too bloated,
and if that doesn’t work,
lower the borrowing rates

Pearls from a necklace

The brown doe for a moment
mesmerizes the boys in camouflage,
broadcasting a telepathic message:
I stand before you here,

Particles of our last conversation
fuse with the droplets of mist,
and the last word you said, goodbye,
hovers below the lush hemlocks,

Every day we fish.
We cast our lures and our flies
into the rippling reservoir of life and wish
for a nibble.

Aroma of fresh
ground coffee and apple pie:

Wildfire uncontained,

You sprinkle fresh ginger on your rice,
and spearmint enhances your tea.
Your hair is scented with plumeria leaves,

Black wasps, dark fairies,

Now, dear, let's not quarrel anymore;
in fact, love, let me pour.

This is absolutely heavenly;

A paraquette prominent
in a gathering of cardinals.
One jade in a casket of garnets:
Last Summer Leaf

It doesn’t take
a lot of blue
to turn yellow
into green.

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Education: MA English; BA French. Profession: Software trainer for health care organization. Hobbies: Avid reader and movie buff. Light hiking and long walks in the woods. Favorite Poets: Wallace Stevens Robert Frost Robinson Jeffers Antonio Machada Rilke Most of the 19th century Romantics, William Carlos Williams, and a host of others. Poetic philosophy: I look for both interesting form and content in the poetry I read and that I compose. They do go hand-in-hand. If one has something to say, it's necessary to say it well.)

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A Leaf Refuses To Fall

The leaves don’t let go
that easily either. It takes a bluster,
a filabuster of north wind,
and the wasp-sting of the first
chill of late September
to tear them off the page
of summer.

Persuasion doesn’t do it.
Sometimes in the middle of winter,
(the DEAD of winter, as they say)
you might see one shriveled
oakleaf, dangling from a frozen
filament of stem,
defiant, victorious.

Nothing likes to end;
the October wind invites
the leaf to tango in the frosty air.
A shy curtsey, a twirling turn,
a pirouette, then the dance
is over and only the bare
fingers of the tree remain.

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Sherrie Z 11 June 2018

Hi, Sonny - I am doing an art / science activity for children at a community Wind Festival in Euclid, Ohio. I am using the seeds that are blown by the wind - like maple seeds. I like your poem very much and plan to use it with our art project. Thank you!

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Val Morehouse 30 September 2007

Assisted Living is perfect. I think you have to have been through it to know it and write about it. See my 'Waiting for the Folks.'

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Aisha Sherazi 03 April 2006

I just love your poems! Keep up the wonderful writing! ! !

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