Francis Duggan Sorry Poems

The Word Sorry

Too late to say sorry when the damage is done
When the parents do grieve for their young daughter and son
Who has been taken from them in such a cruel way
And sorry it is not a hard thing to say.

I Don'T Feel Sorry Anzac Day Is Over

I don't feel sorry Anzac day is over enough of talk of war for one more year
I did not attend the ceremony at the war memorial their tired old speeches I did not wish to hear
I do not wish to belittle their glory but their sameness I find boring just the same
They pass their torch to the young generation who to the war drums march on towards their fame.

For Myself Why Should I Feel Sorry

For myself why should i feel sorry mine is not a sad life at all
I'm happier with my lot more than most are and i have good memories to recall
Of my walks in different places and of Nature's beauty i have seen
When i visualize i can picture the bluebells on the ditch of the bohreen

I Am Not Sorry No She Said

I am not sorry no she said
That my ex son in law is dead
He gave to my daughter a hard life
And she to him was a good wife.

Sorry Too Late

I left my love in Pine Tree Lane
When hedge was russet brown
I left her in November rain
When leaves were falling down.

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