SPC Kellaway

SPC Kellaway Poems

1. Life Of A Poet 8/27/2006
2. Being A Poet 8/27/2006
3. Boy Soldier 9/20/2006
4. Life's Sweet Rainbow 1/12/2007
5. Remember Me 1/12/2007
6. All I Could See 1/18/2007
7. Sanctuary 7/2/2007
8. I Met Her There 7/2/2007
9. Global Warning 7/14/2007
10. No Place Like Alone 10/28/2007
11. Coming Out 11/2/2007
12. Clouds Of Fate 1/1/2008
13. Questions In Shadow 1/11/2008
14. Long And Winding Love 1/11/2008
15. Divided World 1/11/2008
16. Lessons In Love 1/11/2008
17. One World, One Child 4/1/2008
18. Lost In Myspace 4/20/2008
19. Days 4/26/2008
20. Lost Souls 12/2/2008
21. The Soul Of A Poet 8/14/2010
22. A Taste Of Your Love 8/14/2010
23. Going First.... 8/27/2006
24. The Orphan 8/27/2006
25. The Path Of Light (Desiderata 2006) 8/26/2006
26. Victim 8/27/2006
Best Poem of SPC Kellaway


Sometimes I feel it was my fault
Perhaps it was something I said
Sometimes I wake from a nightmare
Reliving it again in my head

Sometimes I need to be hurting
Feeling the pain once again
Sometimes cutting my own skin
Is the only thing keeping me sane

Sometimes I wish I was not me
Because I hate me so much
Sometimes I need to be hiding
Out of harms way, out of touch

Sometimes I need to seek refuge
In any drug I can take
Sometimes floating outside me
Dulls the pain and the terrible ache

Sometimes I think I’ll get better
A new ...

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Going First....

Remember me when you grow old
Recall my smile and nerve so bold
Don’t forget my love and passion
Nor my style and lack of fashion

Look at scenes of times gone by
Funny haircuts, me so shy
Times of innocence hope and joy
Love at first sight, girl meets boy

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