Ramesh T A Sports Poems


Celebration of Olympic Sports still goes on for world peace and unity of nations;
Yes, it is still relevant to make some warring nations to shun wars and hug peace;
To show one's power, it is better to indulge in some games in the world level;
For that, Olympics reminds all to enter into games fresh to show all talents!

Friends Are Like Sports Fans To Progress In The World!

Young friends are like sports fans enthusiastic to do all
Things of their interests like free birds flying anywhere
With fresh thoughts, words and deeds to fulfil all desires
Following the policy of learning by doing in all ventures!

Wars Are Not Sports To Win Prizes To Boast Of!

Wars of the world is old way of settling scores between nations in the modern time sure;
How civilization of the modern world is tolerating this kind of animal act by inhuman ones;
Victory is alternating between them, yet war continues till final victory for one;
Long Vietnam War and other wars have the world seen, yet war is waged sans sense!

Encourage Sports But Not Wars!

War is of no use for achieving anything but only destruction in the world;
A lot of funds is spent on war weapons, equipment and all for nations defence;
After wars, the heavy expenses are recovered by tax on people of nations;
War and peace are sides of a coin tossed about by many only for making peace!

Sports Or Wars!

Waiting for seeing final match of football, world is indulging in guessing;
France and Argentina are ready to show their skills to put goals to victory;
Foot-Ball fever among the fans are highest now all over the world;
Now is the time for Foot-Ball at the top most ladder of world games to watch!

Hope Giving Sports Are Welcome!

Sports like tennis and football are going on in England and Europe;
Face masking and social distancing are thrown to winds by the spectators;
It is doubtful whether Corona pandemic has vanished from Earth or not;
Lock-down with relaxation is in India and Russia has made vaccination not mandatory!

Brave Sports Or Animal Torture?

Out of hatred, rival groups fight endlessly here;
This is the nature of man needing correction
By rationality and reason to foster love ever
Using ferocious nature of man in sports sure!

Sports In Lieu Of Wars!

Parcipation of all nations in Olympics 2016 is over;
From Greecian time to the present it's a best event
That unites nations to assess the sports talent in all
Instead of testing one's valour in wars of the world!

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