Kumarmani Mahakul Spring Poems

Glimmer Of Spring At Daringbadi

Spring time is a great time of love
And this blooms when sun beautifies tender sky,
Spring allows us to sing and
Spring allows us to feel the beauty of nature.

Renovation Of Spring

Spring has brought seasonal fragrance,
With beauty and benevolence in love,
Nature is decorated with new flowers,
Cuckoo has started singing in streets,

Good Friday In Spring Equinox

Good Friday is a festival, comes once in a year,
It is celebrated by world people with their tear.
It is observed sadly during April and March,
This is near to spring equinox, Earth does parch.

Mango Flowers Of Spring

Signaling the arrival of spring,
Before winter has left last step,
In many, many mango trees
Beside the highway in near filed,

Replacing Spring Summer Is Coming

In this seasonal cycle of life and love,
Seasons flow with interesting cycle,
Spring proves existence, summer smiles,
Replacing spring summer is coming.

Spring Christmas Brings

In our deep movements
We feel time of newness,
Change has occurred and
Winter has followed spring,

Spring Writes In Golden Letters

King of seasons arriving in Earth,
Here writes words of trust in joy,
Writing golden letters for God,
Spring tells us fable of truth to win.

Steady Spring Wind

Sitting in balcony now we think,
Spring breeze touches soul in love,
Steadily, steadily, wind is crawling,
Spring is embracing wisdom of God.

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