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Love makes me smile
and takes me high up,
lets me run around with wild dreams,
gives me something to cherish forever,

'Your smile conceals the beauty of a red rose
and when you laugh it's like chiming bells.
Even the birds are jealous of you for not
being noticed in your presence.

Long lost, never forgotten
our childhood always remain memorable.
With all the precious gifts at our side
-innocence, smile, cuteness.

The first shower brings me intense joy.
Love for it never makes me sad.
Happiness -it lets me enjoy and
makes me more pretty.

The fallen leaves of autumn
has a story of its own to tell you
a story of love, a story of pain,
a story of intense grief.

Her heart skipped a beat,
mind choked her with a thought
a single one, just one thought
'Will he understand me? '

It's painted dark yellow and has turned pale
the old fence that runs around my home in our tale
with slivers of wood protruding out
it's turned old and tarnishes bit by bit.

She got drenched in the rain
to feel her heart turn warmer again
her moist eyes, tired of shedding tears
now, gleamed with love, it seems.

She fought life's sufferings
when it burnt her into ashes.
And then it happened:
she came out of the ashes,

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I love writing poems and in every single one, I keep a message secretly hidden; just for me to remember.)

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Love Makes Me Smile

Love makes me smile
and takes me high up,
lets me run around with wild dreams,
gives me something to cherish forever,
asks me to hold on to it for long,
realising the pain to bring it close to my heart
and earning the happy moments that come thereafter.
Love gives me a world of my own
and lets no tresspassing,
lets me keep the key to the door
that opens up into the passage of eternal love,
where I can be on my own
with my own contemplations.
Love brings me beautiful surprises,
that unwinds unrealised dreams,
leads me to an untold mystery,
paves way to the most joyful experiments,
lets me experience the feeling much better
and helps me understand my emotions well.

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Sreelakshmi Jayakumar Quotes

'I have nothing to hide, but secrets.'

'The moments that others make for us and those which we make for others are equally precious.'

'Love never dies off, it keeps amplifying'

'Sometimes you need to be alone to realise how much you missed your dear ones.'

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Sreelakshmi Jayakumar Popularity

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