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Seasons of life, with new hues and new surprise. I like basking in yellow sunshine, i like bathing in red wine. I want the sky like blue hues to reflect in my eyes, i want to blaze like the fire flies. Igniting the passion of life within me, i want to plunge into the vast sea; my life.

A content developer & editor by profession. I survive on books and love to tread on the swirling roads of life.

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It's A Curse

In a corner I sit alone
Rocking on my haggard chair
Worn out walls with protruding stones
Gleaming dust scuttling in the air

Behold I see a window pane
A ray of light flowing in
I move my legs but they are chained
The apparitions smirk and say; ‘We win'

Is it my old age or my amputated leg?
Is it my bubbling soul burning in rage?
My future looks so vague
As disease ravage my body like a plague

Loneliness is a curse
Old age is even worse
I once again want to bask under the warmth of my youth
I want to shun this life's harsh truth

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Sridatta Gupta Popularity

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