Can you imagine?
A day without the sun!
Motionless Wind?
And sea without water?

The pedestrians whether young or old
Even the terminal even cold fire crop
Must look at me! ay my face for a moment

They are in the sky, the sky shelter of the stars
Stand down trees, trees, soil protection
Trees, birds, trees, birds, harbor
Fish swim in the water,

I didn't do on my shoe not willingly
Rather they refused to bear me
Walking no jumping ahead fast
Rest a while; rest; didn't pay heed my words

Full to the brim the world current.

Merely watching torrent
Yet to complete the Absolute Zero syllabus.

Talk. No words are not my own words.
Filthy language, obscene talk about methane follow excessive-damn true...
Which is to say that telling ostentatious lies is an art
Although there is no way to lie to pretend to be mute hobby...

Aye gone, all gone.
No one is keeping the news
Pass of bewitchment ahead...

In the days of yore a girl and a boy
Stood face to face by the edge of a deep dark ditch
They are too much quarrelsome
flew into a rage provoking about to throw stones.

He was hungry.

Given enough food.
Ate voraciously with zeal;

Reallly ugly is always ugly;
Is it so?
Really beautiful is always beautiful?
Is it so?


Goopy knows the sun rises in the east in the morning;
Woke up middle of the night went silently as mouse
Knows Sun-flowers bloom in around the sun's house;
When Mr.Sun sleeps fairies of light come dancing


Started composing poems at the age of eleven. My first poem was a rhyme on an old couple. First poem was published in a 'School magazine'. Mainly I compose poems in Bengali Language. I have written more than 250 short stories and 16 Novels and some essays. In all I have composed nearly 25 thousand poems and lyrics.)


What Is Poem

Poem is constellation of words? Nay!
Is poem umbrageous deluding alley ?
Heart is pitcher; colurful foam erupts
Zero essence multiform infinite essay.


Michael Cochrane 25 May 2016

Liked your poems Michael cochrane

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Michael Cochrane 25 May 2016

Ten for your poems all very good

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Sriranji Aratisankar 29 June 2016

A poet is born, never produced. SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR.

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Sriranji Aratisankar 29 June 2016

In future the whole world would be under mechanisation, except poets. SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR

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Sriranji Aratisankar 29 June 2016

To some extent almost everybody is mad. but a poet is the gold-medalist in the maddening course and meddles long nose smelling rats in the garden of imagination....SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR.

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Adyanath Bera 18 August 2016

Poet I like your poems very much. It inspires me. I shal try to go through all yopur poems.

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Sriranji Aratisankar 13 August 2016

Dear readers, I have submitted some such poems which are not actually ''Haiku''.... All those were experimental. But some of those poems conventional Haiku, Some are Senryu...

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Rajnish Manga 10 August 2016

A prolific writer and a poet of exceptional beauty, Sriranji Aratisankar is such a pleasure to read. He reflects a very sharp observation coupled with a matching expression and linguistic skills. I wish him my best wishes and would like to follow his progress.

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Sriranji Aratisankar 29 June 2016

Last instalment is always very tough.

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Sriranji Aratisankar 29 June 2016

Rather better to be light than to guide with a light. SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR

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All poets are at the same time, most foolish and genius.

Last instalment is always very tough. SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR



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